The Timeless Melodies & Soul of Stephen Sanchez

Amidst the evocative melodies of Stephen Sanchez’s ‘Angel Face,’ a tale of 1950s love and rivalry unfolds.

Crooners, the original seductive voices. Lips slightly parted, hearts melting. An echo from days gone by. These honeyed vocalists are most famously from the 20th century, with legends like Sinatra, Crosby, and Presley.

In the modern music scene, Bublé is the first name that comes to mind. Musicians like him have a talent for resonating with middle-aged and older women, evoking a sense of simplicity and romance. It’s the music that calls for a waltz under the moonlight.

stephen sanchez

Now, a new heartthrob emerges, bringing forth a fresh wave of Bobby Soxers—enthusiastic young female fans of 1940s traditional pop. You might wonder: who still enjoys those vintage records?

His name is one that rolls off the tongue, a name that feels like a statement, a name that makes you swoon: Stephen Sanchez.

Although his earlier work is reminiscent of poppy acoustic love songs, his more recent releases have taken a slightly different direction.

These new songs feel nostalgic in a way that makes you feel like you grew up listening to them on a scratched record at your grandparents’ house.

Occasionally, he samples classics like Bobby Goldsboro’s song, “Honey,” with the ten-second intro inspiring the heartbreaking track “Evangeline,” or he simply writes from memories of listening to his grandfather’s records.

His voice can be described as having a luxurious and silky-smooth quality, almost like velvet.

At just twenty years old, his adoring fan base and unique songs set him apart. He carries an effortless charm about him, with tattoos scattered across his hands and body, and a smile that makes both girls and guys squeal.

Sanchez occasionally engages with the crowd, attempting an Australian accent, though one of the worst I’ve probably ever heard. Still, you can’t help but be endeared by his boyish playfulness.

He sports the suave look of a young Elvis, sometimes wearing his natural curls rather than his signature Grease Lightning comb-back with a Superman curl.

stephen sanchez

Watching his live performances, the idea of possession doesn’t seem far-fetched when it comes to Sanchez’s dancing. The King of Rock so clearly takes control of the strings as he manoeuvres his handsome puppet to replicate his once-iconic dance moves.

But then again, he shifts from being a smooth performer to becoming a modest kid dancing alone in his room, music blaring, forgetting his screaming audience, allowing his soul to be whisked away.

Expressed in various ways, each of his songs seems to possess common threads connecting through profound lyrics. There’s always a strong emphasis on emotional intimacy and a desire for a deep connection. There’s a yearning to be close, understood, and valued by the other person.

The lyrics carry an urgency and intensity that show the powerful and almost overwhelming emotions being expressed. The desire to be near the other person is fervent and passionate. The words reflect a willingness to give and sacrifice for the sake of the connection.

Some of my favourite lines of his are:

“Love is a dog and I’m chasing the tail / I’m pulling down the moon for us” (from “Only Girl”)

“Be more than wishing on stars / Be more than dancing in raindrops” (from “Be More”)

“I’ll put your dreams to sleep with rattling bones / You’re an angel in my doorway” (from “Evangeline”)

However, I’m sure I’ll have many more favourite lines to add to the list, as Sanchez is set to release his debut album, “Angel Face,” on September 22nd. The album unfolds a story through lyricism set in the late fifties and early sixties, pitting a fictional Stephen Sanchez, also known as “The Troubadour Sanchez,” against another man for the love of a woman named Evangeline.

The narrative will be revealed in the following tracklist:

“Something About Her”


“I Need You Most of All”

“Only Girl”

“Be More”

“Until I Found You”



“Doesn’t Do Me Any Good”

“No One Knows” feat. Laufey

“Caught In a Blue”

“Death Of the Troubadour”

“Send My Heart with A Kiss”

In music, Stephen Sanchez is a new-age crooner, captivating with his silky voice, echoing legends like Dean Martin and Nat King Cole. He revives vintage romance for a new generation with nostalgic yet fresh songs. His magnetic allure, akin to Elvis, effortlessly transitions from poised performer to spirited dancer. His soulful melodies and heartfelt verses promise lasting impact in his ascent to stardom.

Head here for full album info.

Words by Isa Velasquez