STEVEN P. runs us through the 5 artists that influenced his debut single Naked

Just last week, Melbourne artist STEVEN P. dropped his incredibly smooth debut single Naked… and we’ve been spinning it ever since. With its sultry and steamy vibes, we guarantee you’ll be listening to the track on repeat too.

Naked is dripping with addictive R&B-infused beats and infectious vocals melodies, so we caught up with STEVEN P. himself to discuss the five artists he believes had the biggest influence on the new single.

Fresh off the release of his smooth new single Naked, Melbourne artist STEVEN P. runs us through the five artists that influenced the track.


First and foremost, Usher is one of my biggest musical influences. How can you go past one of the biggest R&B stars ever? With hits like U Got It Bad, Burn, Confessions, You Make Me Wanna, and Nice & Slow, he really is the king of R&B.

8701 was the first album I ever bought – it is still one of my favourites today. I’ve memorised the track list and song numbers, plus I know all the words. I want to bring back old school R&B, while still making new school music

The Weeknd

There’s not much to say about The Weeknd’s vocals… there’s a reason he was compared to Michael Jackson when he first came onto the scene. This guy’s falsetto and eerie, dreamy voice with his dark and moody persona… I love everything about him.

Catchy songs about heartbreak, sex, and drugs – slow songs or party tunes – he can do it all.


When I think of steamy bedroom songs, I think of Miguel – songs like Adorn, Come Through and Chill, Indy, Sure Thing, Got Friends, and Coffee. His vocals are incredible and his overall persona, style, and stage presence are on another level.

I wanted my first song to be as epic as any Miguel song. Miguel’s records each have such a purpose or intention to them – which is what I wanted to convey with Naked.

Jay Park

A rapper/R&B artist, this guy can do both incredibly well and I was determined to make a track that included both rapping and singing.

The Asian community isn’t represented too well in mainstream Western media… especially in R&B and rap music… so to have someone of his calibre recently sign with JAY Z’s label Roc Nation, it’s extremely inspiring for artists like me.

I love the way Jay Park delivers his rap verses, his flow is extremely smooth, and his R&B-infused hooks are so damn catchy.


Russ’ music (especially after I found his hit Losin Control) was a big influence for me around the time I was making Naked. I really gravitated towards his simplistic style of making beats, melodic and catchy
hooks, and lyrical rap verses.

He did it all by himself too! If he can do it by himself, why can’t I?

Honourable mentions: Drake, 6lack, Jaden Smith, Daniel Caesar, Bryson Tiller, and Khalid.

Listen to Naked now.