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STL Tones Amp Hub: Burner Excel Ltd Model

All your guitar needs now live completely in the box

We hardly think that amp sims need an introduction to our pro audio enthusiasts. Simulating guitar amplifiers has become commonplace in music production all the way from bedroom pop up to the most professional productions. In metal music it’s even becoming the industry standard.

Burner Excel

STL Tones Amp Hub is one of the big guns leading the league when it comes to plugin based amp simulation. For their September update they’ve added the Burner Excel Ltd Model, another classic STL recreation, this time of the Brunetti™ XL R-Evo™ Limited Edition amplifier. An Italian handcrafted, all tube amp.

For those opening up Amp Hub for the first time, you’ll be treated to a really nicely laid out UI. The menus running along the bottom of the GUI run from left to right as you would set up your guitar rig. You have an input knob, a gate knob (an excellent addition if you’re laying down some seriously gained up sounds), a tuner, stomp boxes, the amp, the cab, a post amp effects section, a midi interfacing menu and an output knob.

Guitar Pedals

Before getting into the Burner Excel, I want to touch on the cab section which is a thing of beauty. I personally won’t go near an amp sim that won’t let you precisely choose and place your virtual microphones because it’s the only way to really nail down your guitar tone. Amp Hub gives you countless dual cab options, with a fully tweakable mic position and mic type on both cabs.

Guitar Cabinet

I haven’t had the pleasure of playing an actual Brunetti, so I can’t speak for the accuracy of this particular simulation, but honestly I don’t particularly care. This amp sounds awesome and it’s got some serious versatility. With three channels, (X-Lead, Clean and Boost), paired up with the generous offering of stomp boxes included with Amp Hub, you can pull any sound you need from it, from sparkly cleans to screaming leads.

Cab Sim

I’ve been a modelling convert for quite some time, I gig with a modeller, I record with a modeller. The convenience of it beats out pretty much any minute difference you’ll get from mic’ing up an amp. With Amp Hub and the Burner Excel, I might not even need to carry my modeller with me to a recording session. All my guitar playing and tracking needs now all just live completely in the box.

Amp Hub is available as either a subscription, or you can jump in and purchase individual models. if you wanna check it out out, head over to the STL website: https://www.stltones.com/