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Watch Stormzy attempt to find a Tesco in ‘Watch Dogs: Legion’

UK rapper Stormzy scored a tour of London through Watch Dogs: Legion, seeing sights such as Brixton and the Camden markets.

Jesse Gomez of IGN took UK grime rapper Stormzy through a tour of London as depicted by Watch Dogs: Legion. While one would think that Stormzy wouldn’t need a tour of his hometown, the British rapper praised how realistic the virtual depiction was.

On what would be a super expensive taxi ride, Gomez passed through various London landmarks including Brixton and the Camden markets, with Stormzy noting how the city is a seldom-used setting for fictional media despite its storied history.

Watch Dogs Legion Stormzy Mocap
Image: Ubisoft Toronto

Stormzy will be featured in Watch Dogs: Legion as a mission-giving NPC; his mission will task the player in broadcasting his latest track across Central London. The community figure recently released a music video for his single Rainfall which was created entirely in the Watch Dogs: Legion game engine.


There is great anticipation surrounding Watch Dogs: Legion with its unique setting of London, a city which hasn’t been seen in a major open world game since 2004’s The Getaway: Black Monday.

The game’s other major selling point is the ability to recruit any citizen of London in the fight against the surveillance state. The range of playable characters is diverse, from hackers and super spies to elderly folk – not as physically capable as their younger counterparts, but they can still handle a shotgun.

Besides Stormzy, Watch Dogs: Legion‘s cast will be the most eclectic so far in the series. Aiden Pearce and Wrench from the previous Watch Dogs games will be included in post-launch content alongside Mina, a transhuman capable of mind control, and Darcy, a member of the Assassin Order from Assassin’s Creed.