Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard leaves the 80’s synths behind and covers Nirvana’s Lithium

Netflix’s latest flagship Stranger Things keeps seeping out of the TV world and into music news. Part one of the show’s soundtrack by Austin band Survive was recently released on iTunes, and the whole soundtrack will be released in physical form by the end of September.

The soundtrack has gained huge popularity as a throwback to the spacey synth tracks that dominated the 80s, but today one of the show’s stars has shown more of an affinity for some seminal grunge.

Finn Wolfhard

Stranger Things has once again proved to be entwined with the music world, with actor Finn Wolfhard jamming out a classic Nirvana track on his guitar.

Finn Wolfhard plays Mike Wheeler on the show and holds out the title for most badass name in the cast. As if his performance on the show wasn’t enough, Wolfhard is sure to be winning fans with this budding cover of Nirvana‘s Lithium.

Looks like he’s been practicing his Cobain-face as much as he’s been practicing the guitar. Who knows? We might have a future musician/actor double threat on our hands. Reckon there’s any other cast members of Stranger Things with a musical side?

Either way, we’re pumped to see what season two has in store. Yeah, we all want to know what happens next, but honestly…just some more of that sweet soundtrack would be enough.

via Consequence of Sound