New study reveals a dog’s heart rate increases when owners say “I love you”

In what has to be the sweetest news we’ve heard all day, a new study has found that when you say those three little words to your beloved pooch, their heart rate actually increases! *queue collective awwww*

UK dog sitters Canine Cottages conducted a study monitoring the heart rate of four special dogs, fitting them with heart rate monitoring collars to track their excitement levels. Their individual heart rates were monitored over one week, in which the pups held an average of 67 beats per minute (BPM). 

The experiment found that when the owners said “I love you” their companion’s heart rate jumped up to a BPM of 98, and when they were held or cuddled by their human, this number slowly decreased by an average of 23%.


“We spoke to a behavioural expert for dogs, to find out the true meaning behind licks, begging, barking and more, but what is it that excites our dogs the most? Is it their owner coming home from work, or a kiss and an ‘I love you’ that really gets them going? We enlisted a number of our furry companions to help us answer this age-old question,” the study read.

In case you were unsure of the signs displayed by a dog that loves you, these are the signature moves and traits to look out for:

  1. Licks and Kisses: This is how your dog shows appreciation
  2. Cuddles: If a dog wants to be close to you it will cuddle and lean up on people they’re comfortable with
  3. Greetings: If your dog greets you with a wagging tail, this is a sure sign of excitement and love
  4. Begging: Begging for your attention in the form of barking or putting their paws on you means they want your love too
  5. Generosity: If a dog brings you their favourite toy or drops something special at your feet this means they trust you
  6. Belly up: This vulnerable position leaves your pooch completely exposed, showing they trust you
  7. Loyalty: Dog’s instincts are to protect their pack, meaning if they get agitated with someone coming too close to you, they will likely get agitated. A sign of loyalty and protection
  8. Jumping up: This is a sign of affection and excitement, they want to sniff out all the scents where you’ve been that day
  9. Destroying your stuff: When your dog chews or destroys things, it’s often because they miss you and your item smells and reminds them of you
  10. Coming to see you when they’re in pain: If your dog rests their head on you, sulks, or sits in your lap whilst their not well, this shows a great level of trust

Now go and give your little canine friend all the love they deserve! Because they love you just as much, if not more.