‘Fall Guys’ is launching season 2 just in time for Halloween

Fall Guys is going medieval, with season 2 kicking off October 8. Knight Fever is here to decimate old and new players.

Fall Guys will be trending again: the battle royale sensation is getting its first major update since its release in August. As it has been two months with the same levels, we are certain that many fans will be pleased with this new wave of content.

And while many streamers and players have moved onto Among Usthe original party game of the year will look to keep old fans entertained, while attracting a host of new ones with some good old fashioned medieval adventure.

fall guys

The level you’re seeing here has been dubbed as the Knight Fever. This will be the new episode-opener that will leave all 60 players scrambling to the finish line. In addition to this medieval-themed gauntlet of chaos, their twitter account had also posted what appears to contain a lot of walls. Lots, of walls.

As Halloween is coming up, you can pretty much already guess what’s coming next. That’s right, players will getting new outfits for your jelly bean to look appropriate for this upcoming event. From what we can see so far, there’s going to be anything from witches to knights and even a cute looking dragon.

The second season will begin on October 8, and included in the update you’ll find:

  • 4 new Medieval Rounds
  • A full Season Pass of new costumes, emotes, and more
  • New features including Show Selector
  • Visual updates to existing Rounds

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to hit pause on Among Us and head back to the colourful world of Fall Guys