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12 Most Popular Sugar Baby Apps to Find a Sugar Daddy in 2024

Unlock the secrets of sugar dating – ever wondered where to find a sugar baby or daddy? Look no further than the 12 most sought-after sugar baby apps in 2024!

Dive into a world where the best sugar daddy apps boast expansive member bases, teeming with stunning young women and affluent, successful older men. 

Are sugar daddy apps legal? Absolutely. And guess what? They’re often free for sugar babies, attracting a plethora of them.

These apps welcome all – male sugar babies, sugar mammas, and more. However, the sweet spot is the classic sugar relationship: a mutually beneficial bond between a charming young woman and a prosperous older gentleman.

Does this align with your desires? Your ideal sugar relationship awaits on the curated list of sugar daddy sites below. Don’t miss out!

First Look at the Sugar Baby Apps 

  1. Ashley Madison – Best sugar baby app overall 
  2. Adult Friend Finder – Best for kinks and fetishes
  3. Secret Benefits – Best for sugar babies
  4. SugarDaddy.com – Best for new sugar daddies
  5. Luxury Date  – Best verification system
  6. Sugar Daddy Meet – Best for first date ideas
  7. Established Men – Most young sugar babies
  8. Victoria Milan – Best for married sugar daddies
  9. What’s Your Price – Best price options 
  10. Elite Singles – Best for long-term relationships
  11. SugarBook – Most female college students 
  12. Elite Meets Beauty – Best for highly educated sugar daddies

12 Best Sugar Baby Apps in 2024

What is it that sets these sugar baby websites apart, and what unique features do they have to offer? Let’s see what the best sugar daddy apps are all about and pick the best one for you. 

1. Ashley Madison – Best Sugar Baby App Overall

ashley madison


  • 70 million users 
  • Entirely free for women 
  • Advanced privacy features
  • Discreet billing 
  • No ads


  • Most known as an affair site
  • You must use credits to message women


  • $59 – 100 Credits
  • $169 – 500 Credits
  • $289 – 1000 Credits

There’s no doubt about it, Ashley Madison is known as the first and best site for discreet affairs. 

What made it so popular with both sugar babies and sugar daddies is the discretion provided by advanced privacy features. 

Besides, some sugar daddies are married men who really appreciate this site’s approach to privacy and discretion. 

Your profile photo can be blurred, and you can create private albums that you only share with specific members. If you use this sugar dating app, you can change the icon of it to look like an ordinary app. 

The name of the luxury dating site won’t show up on your bill because Ashley Madison also offers discreet billing.

This site has been published in 2001, and it now has an impressive number of 70 million active users. 

The best part is that Ashley Madison is entirely free for women, and this is often why a lot of sugar babies choose this app. 

Although daddies need to purchase credits to message women, they usually get fast and intriguing responses. 

There are no ads on the best sugar daddy app, and it’s user-friendly and simple to use for older daddies.

All in all, this is where you can find a mutually beneficial relationship whether you’re married or not. If you don’t want anyone to find out that you’re using sugar daddy dating apps, use this one.

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2. Adult Friend Finder – Best for Kinky Fetishists

adult friend finder


  • 80 million users 
  • Open to kinks and fetishes 
  • Open to the LGBTQ+ community
  • Live webcam models
  • Adult chat rooms 


  • Most known as a hookup site
  • Possibility of fake profiles


  • $24.95/month (1-month subscription)
  • $19.95/month (6-month subscription)
  • $14.95/month (12-month subscription)

People interested in a sugar daddy relationship don’t always know where to find them. So, they will turn to large hookup sites with a lot of members like this one. 

With over 80 million open-minded and active users, Adult Friend Finder is the doorway to fulfilling your naughtiest fantasies. 

This sugar baby dating site is open to all sorts of relationships, including a sugar relationship, but also to all kinks and fetishes

AFF is also open to the LGBTQ+ community, so this is where you can find male sugar babies and sugar mammas. 

Watch live cam models or join adult chat rooms. You can also learn more about sex in the Sex Academy where you’ll find educational videos.

Although there is a possibility of fake profiles on large sugar daddy sites like this one, there are still plenty of real people looking to hook up. That’s why AFF is also considered one of the best FWB sites online.

From BDSM to swinging, Adult Friend Finder is the place where you can fulfill all of your dirty fantasies. People here are very open-minded and interested in something casual, whether it involves sugar or not. 

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3. Secret Benefits – Best for Sugar Babies

secret benefits


  • Entirely free for sugar babies 
  • Advanced privacy features 
  • Discreet billing 
  • Verification system
  • Most known as a sugar baby app


  • Men must pay to message women
  • Not a large member base


  • $59 – 100 credits 
  • $169 – 500 credits 
  • $289 – 1000 credits  

Niche sites that are exclusively meant for sugar baby dating don’t have such a large member base. Still, a lot of sugar babies turn to this site to try sugar dating. 

This app offers advanced privacy features such as private albums and discreet billing. 

Although sugar daddies need to buy credits to message women, this is the best sugar daddy app for women since they can use it for free.

It offers a verification system to ensure no fake profiles and is one of the most known apps in the sugar dating world. 

Since women can use this app entirely free of charge, there are a lot of them on one of the best sugar daddy apps that you could try in 2023. 

Whether you’re looking for something short-term or long-term, if it involves sugar, this is where you’ll find it. Men appreciate the discretion that this app provides while women appreciate verified profiles.

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4. SugarDaddy.com – Best for New Sugar Daddies

sugar daddy


  • 7 million active users 
  • Advanced privacy features
  • Verification system 
  • Useful blog
  • Meant for sugar dating 


  • No app, just a website
  • Not free for women


  • $59 – 100 Credits
  • $169 – 500 Credits
  • $289 – 1000 Credits

Another one of the most popular sugar daddy apps opens the doors to 7 million active users, all of which interested in sugar baby dating. 

SugarDaddy.com offers advanced privacy features, so you can have secret photos and videos. 

It has a video verification system to fight off any fake profiles. 

In addition, it offers a useful blog about sugar dating if you happen to need some dating advice. 

There is no app for your phone, but you can freely use a mobile-friendly website on all your devices. 

This app is not free, and both sugar daddies and sugar babies will need to purchase credits to use the messages. However, you can register for free and get the feel of the site before you decide whether you want to purchase credits or not. 

Investing in your love life is worth considering if you want to try sugar dating, even if you’re a sugar baby. 

SugarDaddy.com is one of the most well-known sugar baby sites with an approximately equal number of men and women among its 7 million users. 


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5. Luxury Date – Best Verification System

luxury date


  • Free registration
  • Advanced privacy features 
  • Must upload a lot of pictures
  • Verification system 
  • Meant for sugar dating 


  • No app, just a website 
  • Not for the LGBTQ+ community


  • $59 – 100 Credits
  • $169 – 500 Credits
  • $289 – 1000 Credits

This sugar daddy app is pretty new on the market, but it is increasingly popular. Luxury Date is made for what it says – luxury dating.

It only welcomes relationships between young, attractive women and older, wealthy men. So, it’s not the right place for the LGBTQ+ community, or sugar mammas and male sugar babies. 

Luxury Date uses a similar credit system as other sugar baby sites. You can register for free and browse matches, but you will need to purchase credits to use messages.

It also offers similar advanced privacy features, such as Secret Photos

What makes it different from other sites is the video verification process which also involves uploading a lot of photos of yourself. 

In fact, you will need to upload 10 photos to prove that you’re a real person. Thanks to this, there are no fake profiles on this dating site.

Although there is no app for your phone, this is an easy-to-use and mobile-friendly website. This site is meant for sugar daddy relationships only, which makes it easier to make arrangements.

Although it doesn’t have such a large member base as some other sites, it has an approximately equal number of sugar daddies and sugar babies.


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6. Sugar Daddy Meet – Best for First Date Ideas

sugar daddy meet


  • 2 million users
  • Verification system 
  • First date ideas 
  • Like and comment options 
  • Sugar dating advice 


  • Not a lot of information on profiles
  • Possibility of fake profiles 


  • $50/month (1-month subscription)
  • $30/month (3-month subscription)
  • $24/month (6-month subscription)

Look at it this way, if you see Sugar in the name of the site, you can bet that it’s a legit website for sugar dating. Sugar Daddy Meet is one of the most popular choices for men and women equally.

It has over 2 million active users and offers a unique feature. 

Sugar babies can create first date ideas, and daddies can like them or comment on them. 

Not sure what your first date with the sugar baby or daddy would look like? Pick from one of the first date ideas. 

This site also offers useful dating advice about sugar dating, so it’s perfect for men and women who are new to this type of dating. 

Sugar Daddy Meet also has a verification system to ensure no fake profiles, but there is still a possibility of some fake users. 

Still, don’t assume that it’s a fake user just because there’s not a lot of information on their profile. People here don’t seem to leave a lot of info, other than the one that you’ll find in First Date Ideas. 

It should be enough though, don’t you agree?

If you’re a new sugar daddy this gives you a chance to pick a date that you want to go on, you’ll just need to leave a comment and get in touch with the sugar baby!

>>Click here to go on a sugary first date thanks to Sugar Daddy Meet!

7. Established Men – Most Young Sugar Babies

est men


  • Free for women 
  • Advanced privacy features 
  • More women than men 
  • Most young sugar babies 
  • Meant for sugar dating 


  • No app, just a website
  • Men have to pay for messages
  • Possibility of fake profiles and scammers


  • $79/month (1-month subscription)
  • $49/month (3-month subscription)
  • $25/month (12-month subscription)

Established Men is one of the oldest sugar dating websites on the market. Women can use this site for free with all of the important features, and registration is free for anyone.

Since anyone can create a profile for free, it creates a possibility of fake profiles and scammers. 

Established Men still has plenty of real users, mostly young women. In fact, there are more sugar babies than daddies on this dating site. 

If you’re a sugar daddy, this gives you more women to choose from. 

This site also offers privacy features such as private photos. Sugar babies often use these private photos to share nudes only with some daddies.

There is no app, but the website is easy to use and mobile-friendly. 

While men can create a profile for free, they need to subscribe to use important features such as messages.

The subscription is a bit pricy but might pay off more than a complicated credit system that some other apps use. 

All in all, this site seems to have most young women, and they’re all hoping to find a sugar daddy.

Click here to become a sugar daddy (or a baby) on Established Men!

8. Victoria Milan – Best for Married Sugar Daddies

victoria milan


  • 6 million users 
  • Advanced privacy features
  • Discreet billing 
  • Blog about affairs
  • Affordable subscription


  • Not free for women 
  • Meant mainly for extramarital affairs 


  • $49.99/month (3-month subscription)
  • $39.99/month (6-month subscription)
  • $29.99/month (12-month subscription)

Are you a married sugar daddy looking for something on the side? Victoria Milan is a popular sugar daddy app, although it is mostly used for discreet affairs

It offers advanced privacy features such as a blurred photo, private albums, and the panic button to quickly transfer you to a normal page online. 

Victoria Milan also offers discreet billing and a useful blog about cheating, and getting away with it. 

This app is not free for women, but the subscription is affordable, and you don’t need to use a complicated credit system.

As you might have noticed, Victoria Milan is very similar to Ashley Madison. While most married sugar daddies turn to Ashley Madison, some prefer this great alternative to the most popular affair site.

Although Victoria Milan doesn’t have such a large member base, there’s an approximately equal number of men and women on this affair site. 

Many use it for sugar dating even if they’re not married, because they still appreciate privacy and discretion. 

>>Click here to find a discreet match on Victoria Milan! 

9. What’s Your Price – Best Price Options

whats your price


  • Auction-based dating site
  • Sugar babies set their own prices 
  • Suitable for all incomes 
  • Affordable subscription 
  • Clear terms of the arrangement 


  • No app, just a website


  • $7.99/month (1-month subscription)
  • $4/month (6-month subscription)
  • $2.67/month (12-month subscription)

Every sugar daddy likes a good auction, and thanks to What’s Your Price you can bid on dates. This is an auction-based dating site where babies set their own prices and daddies bid on dates.

There is a wide variety of date prices, so this site is suitable for daddies of all incomes. As a sugar baby, you decide on a price for a date with you, and as a sugar daddy, you decide on your budget. 

This is the best sugar daddy website for clear terms of arrangement

While it can be difficult to discuss the financial aspect of the relationship on some of the other sugar daddy apps, this one makes it easy and transparent. 

There is no app for your phone, just a mobile-friendly and simple to use website. 

If you don’t want to go too much guessing and negotiation about the prices, this site might be the best place for you. It makes it easy to resolve the financial aspect of the relationship so that you can enjoy dating and focus only on that. 

>>Click here to start an auction or bid on What’s Your Price! 

10. Elite Singles – Best for Long-term Relationships



  • 12.5 million users 
  • Available worldwide 
  • Intelligent matchmaking technology 
  • Highly educated, successful singles 
  • Meant for long-term relationships


  • Matching with people from far away
  • Not free for women


  • $59.95/month (1-month subscription)
  • $57.95/month (3-month subscription)
  • $44.95/month (6-month subscription)

Looking for a long-term sugary relationship with someone who shares your interests? 

Elite Singles offers intelligent matchmaking technology to find you the best matches. 

This means that you will do some personality tests and get matched with compatible users based on these tests.

What? Sugar relationships are not always just about the sugar.

Maybe you want a sugar daddy or a sugar baby who shares your likes and interests. 

Elite Singles has 12.5 million users, and most of them are rich, successful people with above-average education. 

Hey, maybe your sugar baby just finished college and started her own business! Your sugar daddy could be a highly educated professional with a high income. 

This site is available worldwide, so you might get matches with people from far away, but who says distance is a problem? There will still be plenty of compatible matches in your location. 

You can also filter users based on age and location to find the right type of person for you. 

Although the site is not free for women, you can find a sugar baby with above-average education. The subscription is similar to most sugar daddy apps on the market today. 


>>Join Elite Singles now and find a compatible sugary match!

11. SugarBook – Mostly Female College Students



  • Free for female college students 
  • More women than men
  • Strict verification system 
  • Open to sugar mommies and male sugar babies
  • Meant for long-term sugar relationships


  • Men must pay to message women 
  • 24-hour verification time 


  • $71.90/month (1-month subscription)
  • $55.95/month (3-month subscription)
  • $39.95/month (6-month subscription)

Interested in female college students who want to date successful older men? Who wouldn’t be?

You will find a lot of them on SugarBook, the app made for sugar dating.

What makes this app unique on the market is that it offers free premium accounts to female college students. All you need to do as a sugar baby is provide proof of enrollment, and you can use this app for free

Another unique thing is the strict verification system. While this is a good thing, you as a sugar daddy have 24 hours to verify your account, which might be inconvenient. 

As a sugar daddy, you will also need to subscribe to message women, but there’s no confusing credit system. 

Since college girls can use this sugar daddy app for free, there are more women than men – making it the best app if you ask us. 

It is meant for long-term sugary relationships, and it’s open to sugar mammas and male babies too. 

All in all, it’s one of the best apps that you can try if you want to be a sugar daddy or a sugar baby. 


>>Click here to join college girls on SugarBook!

12. Elite Meets Beauty – Best for Highly Educated Sugar Daddies


  • Free registration 
  • Winks and likes 
  • Privacy features
  • Filter options 
  • Meant for sugar dating 


  • You must subscribe to use messages


  • $69.99/month (1-month subscription)
  • $59.99/month (3-month subscription)
  • $49.99/month (6-month subscription)
  • $39.99/month (12-month subscription)

Elite Meets Beauty is a community of singles with above-average education designed to connect successful men with attractive women.

You can register for free on this site, as well as send winks and likes to other users. However, you will need to subscribe to send messages whether you’re a sugar baby or a sugar daddy. 

Still, subscription is similar to the other websites of this nature out there, and wealthy daddies can certainly afford it. Many of them have above-average education, and this is where you’ll also find college girls. 

This site offers privacy features such as private albums, and these are often used to share naughty pictures. 

Elite Meets Beauty has advanced filter options, and you can save your search preferences, making it easy to find users based on age and location.

This is one of the most popular sugar daddy apps, and it is meant for long-term sugar relationships. Connecting wealthy older professionals with young attractive women is what this site is designed for.

>>Join Elite Meets Beauty now and meet a sugar baby or a sugar daddy!

Sugar Baby Apps FAQsDo you have more questions about sugar relationships? Here are the answers to questions people most commonly ask about this type of dating. 

What exactly is sugar daddy dating?

Sugar daddy dating is a mutually beneficial, transactional relationship usually between an older wealthy man and a younger, attractive woman. The sugar daddy will usually reward the sugar baby with gifts such as jewelry and designer clothes, money, or vacations. 

However, this type of relationship can happen between an older, successful woman and a male sugar baby, or between partners that aren’t heterosexual. 

Is sugar dating legal?

Yes, sugar dating is entirely legal, and there’s nothing wrong with having a sugar baby or a daddy. As long as both parties are consenting adults there’s nothing bad going on that you need to worry about. 

Are sugar dating sites expensive?

Sugar dating sites are often free for women, but can get expensive for daddies, especially if they require credits to message women. Most sites will require a subscription or use a credit system.

How do sugar dating apps work?

Sugar dating apps work the same as other online dating apps, and you just need to create a free profile to start browsing for matches. 

While many of the sites are free for women, most will require a subscription or purchasing a credit package to message women. 

How much money do sugar babies really make? 

How much a sugar baby makes depends on her relationship with the daddy, his budget, and her negotiation skills. An average sugar baby makes approximately $3000 monthly from her daddy.

However, daddies don’t always give monthly allowances. They can reward you with expensive gifts, vacations, and occasional money gifts instead. 

Are sugar dating sites and apps free for women?

Yes, many sugar dating sites and apps are free for women, such as Ashley Madison, our top choice. However, there are other sugar dating sites that are free for women, such as Secret Benefits, which is also a popular choice among sugar babies. 

What is the best sugar dating website? 

The best sugar dating website is Ashley Madison, but also Adult Friend Finder and Secret Benefits or any other app from this list of the best ones. 

Each of these apps is best for someone, so consider what each of them has to offer and how well it fits your needs and preferences. 

How to get started with sugar dating sites? 

Never used this type of site before? No worries about that!

These sites work like any other online dating site. You’ll first need to pick the right site for you from this list. 

Up next, sign up, complete your profile, and go through the verification process if necessary. Upload enough photos, and don’t forget that you can use the option of a private album on most of these apps. 

All that’s left is to start sending winks, likes, and messages. Most of these apps will require you to subscribe to be able to use messages, so this is when it’s time to decide if you’ve found the right app that’s worth investing in. 

Best Sugar Baby Apps in 2023: Final Verdict

sugar daddy

In the end, which sugar baby app should you use? We recommend any of the apps from the list above, starting with Ashley Madison, which offers advanced privacy features and guarantees discretion.

However, you can’t go wrong with any of the apps from the list, as they are all good for sugar dating. 

Many of these apps are free for women, so you can rest assured that there are a lot of young, attractive women on these sites. And where there are young, attractive women, there are also wealthy, older men

Connecting these people is what these sites are there for, so pick any of them and find your match. 

Creating a profile is simple, easy, and usually free, whether you’re a sugar baby or a daddy. 

These sites are also good for beginners with sugar relationships, so don’t hesitate to try this type of dating now. 

Whether you’re in it for the short-term or long-term, you’ll find the right app on this list. 

Find your sugar baby or a sugar daddy by joining one of these popular dating websites for sugary relationships and find your match today.

Create your free account now, and get ready for sugar, spice, and everything nice!