Sunset Blush chat the creative process and their latest grungy single 'Rag Doll'

Sunset Blush chat the creative process and their latest grungy single ‘Rag Doll’

We sat down with the solo artist behind the seductively dark sonic of Sunset Blush to chat about getting things done.

Following on from the release of his latest tune Rag Doll, the solo-mastermind behind Sunset Blush ran us through the trappings of an artist on their own. Without the chaos of clashing personalities, he has been able to hone in on a practice of clarity, sans confusion.

We spoke one-on-one with Sunset Blush to take a peek in the world of a one-man-band.

Sunset Blush

HAPPY: Hello Sunset Blush! Where do you find yourself in this present moment?

SB: Sitting here at my place in Melbourne. Sorting more gigs and stuff for Rag Doll at the moment. Then I’ll probably listen to the radio a bit later. Where I get a large varied dose of music & information.

HAPPY: Yeah, congratulations on the release of your single Rag Doll! What does that title mean to you?

SB: I think we’ve all had days like this. This song is about feeling pretty rough and worn out (like a rag doll). So we just need a day or two to recharge our batteries. Then I’ll get back to you tomorrow etc.

HAPPY: As a solo project, what are some of the benefits and obstacles of working alone?

SB: (I) have played in bands and record and play with other great musos every now and again. But working as a soloist the majority of the time. You can get things done on your own time and pace, so everything falls into place, the way you want it.

HAPPY: There are some clear sonic references to big bands like Guns N’ Roses on this, who are you listening to currently?

SB: R.E.M, Guns n Roses, Lana Del Rey are some. Then always go back to listening to community radio, gives me local and varied music. Soundtracks always keep my mind entertained. And gives me my own ideas and influences.

HAPPY: How does the creative process typically look for Sunset Blush?

SB: Most times I’ll be playing guitar or keyboard. Then if it sounds and feels right I’ll keep working on it, then put lyrics to it. Or sometimes lyrics come first then I’ll see if I can come up with any music that will fit the vibe and personality of the song.

HAPPY: What are your musical goals for 2021?

SB: Now that live music is making a comeback because we’re getting on top of COVID now. I’d really like to get out gigging and touring again. So keep an eye on my website and Instagram for more to come…

HAPPY: If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

SB: More acceptance and honesty would be great.

HAPPY: What’s to come for Sunset Blush, another single? EP?

SB: I’ve got some new music that is still bare-bones and still working on. So maybe another single sooner or later…

HAPPY: Cheers, thank you for your time!

SB: Thanks for that. Take it easy!

Enjoy the full anthology of Sunset Blush on Spotify here: