Sunset Blush deliver a gritty new track that will stay with you

Sunset Blush deliver a gritty new track that will stay with you long afterwards

Grungy, nuanced, and full of purposeful moments, Sunset Blush give us a haunting new single titled Rag Doll.

Listening to Sunset Blush is a complete sensory experience. Each strum of the chords, each raspy dictation unfolds like a seductive croon. Shadowy, grungy, and intense, Rag Doll is a titillating track.

Originally hailing from Queensland, the now Melbourne-based Sunset Blush has been writing, recording, and performing since the late ’90s. A seasoned professional of the garage rock persuasion, Sunset Blush have learnt how to balance old school authenticity with modern charm. If you enjoy that poetic, Aussie off-beat drawl Nick Cave has made so poignantly famous, you’ll be enamoured by the musings of Sunset Blush.

Sunset Blush

Heavy-handed chords act as Rag Doll’s ephemeral heartbeat from start to finish. It’s an ominous vibration that accompanied slowly by bombastic bass and bright high-hat accents. The tone is dark and yet incredibly drenched in infectiousness. Your ears are kept it a state of wanting, willing what comes next.

Tinged with a dry wiliness, the vocals that roll in are textured and gritty. This fuels the garage aesthetic and is a palpable reminder that the project is acutely aware of their understated, confident appeal. Looming organ-like keys build on the sea-saw conversation between guitar and bass and it’s one hell of a spell. Rag Doll is a sly song. She swells up around you and swallows you whole.


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Nothing seems to describe the overwhelming swell of musicianship better than a direct review on Sunset Blush’s website:

“You make music your bitch.” – some guy at a gig.

If you can kick it to the iconic sound of Guns N’ Roses and R.E.M, Sunset Blush have something rich to offer you. Alt-rock has never been more enticing.

Enjoy the darker shades of Rag Doll on Spotify below: