Suraeh delivers a powerful and heartfelt new single, ‘Heaven Was Wrong’

Sydney R&B/hip hop artist Suraeh is powerful, passionate and profound in his latest anthemic track, Heaven Was Wrong.

Following the release of his energetic, Afro-pop-infused dance hit, Rest Of Our Lives, Suraeh returns with his second anthemic single of the year, Heaven Was Wrong. 

Expertly fusing elements of pop, R&B and hip hop, the singer-songwriter delivers a powerful and melodious track with a fiercely-addictive rhythm and endlessly-playable hook.

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Credit: Katashi Films

Coupled with passionate, dynamic vocals and raw, earnest lyrics, Heaven Was Wrong is produced in loving memory of Suraeh’s late grandfather, and dedicated to everybody who’s lost someone near and dear to their heart.

“I hope when you hear this song, it makes you reminisce on the times you had with your special person,” says the singer.

“Remember what they did to help mould you into the person you are today. Just as my grandfather did to me.” 

Credit: Katashi Films

Reeling you in with a catchy, evocative guitar riff, underscored by an infectious trap-style beat, Suraeh delivers a heart-igniting performance; baring his soul in the anthemic chorus through deeply-moving lyrics that will have you singing along for days:

“I can’t get you outta my head / I hope to see you once again / It’s been hell since you’ve been gone / And I’m tryna clean up my mess / I’ve been keeping what you made me promise / I can’t put my mind to rest / I can’t / Can’t believe heaven was wrong.”

Born and raised in Western Sydney, Suraeh’s musical journey began at a young age, experimenting with a myriad of instruments before fixating on his ultimate passion for songwriting and composition.

Known formally as Joshua Carrozza, Suraeh’s stage name, which spells ‘hear us’ backwards, was inspired by his two hearing-impaired parents, whose loving support remains a key motivator behind his musical works.

Credit: Suraeh Facebook

Since emerging in 2020 with his promising debut single Time, Suraeh has made a notable impact in the local R&B/hip hop scene, continually impressing his growing fanbase with a string of releases that showcase his ever-advancing artistry.

In a matter of two years, he has developed an impressive multi-genre discography, featuring collaborations with other rising local acts, including Bvle, Lelianz, Atahan and Arty.

With a debut album and six singles already behind him, Suraeh shows no signs of slowing down, given his recent announcement that more new music is on the horizon.

“More music on the way! Stay tuned!” he announced to his fans via Instagram over the weekend.

“My goal as an artist is to create a family where we can all be open and honest with each other and talk about how we may be feeling, without judgement. I know if I wasn’t able to do that with the people I hold dearly in my life, then I don’t think I’d be here today.”

Produced by Yoji and mastered by Nick Franklin (Franklin Audio), Heaven Was Wrong is Suraeh’s most soul-stirring single to date. Showcasing strong vocals, a captivating melody, polished production and beautifully written lyrics, Suraeh wears his heart on his sleeve in hopes of providing comfort and connection to those who may be dealing with loss.

“I hope this song hits the hearts of a lot of listeners,” he said in a recent interview with Sydney musician, Atahan: “Not in a way that brings praise to me, but brings comfort to them, and allows them to deal with loss if they’re going through it at a certain time.”

Stream Heaven Was Wrong below.