Suren Unka

Personally, I love it when I’m walking to work with my headphones on and I’m listening to music and the little club in my head starts going off. Unfortunately I can’t dance on the spot but my pace picks up a little bit. That’s what kiwi based artist Suren Unka does for me. He’s nailed the thought provoking pop pulses, all while mixing it with a conventional dancey backbone.

Suren Unka is currently prepping for the release of his new album El Chupacabra on April 21st.  The album will consist of eight brand new songs to go alongside his already released tracks Early (2011) and Alice (2013). He’s been quoted as saying that he has been influenced by acts such as Bonobo, Gold Panda and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, and although his music is distinctively his own there is definitely an atmospheric similarity.

suren unka musicWanna hear a rave in a music box? Listen to Suren Unka’s euphoric track Alice, and PLUR <3

The stand out track Alice is kind of like a rave in a music box. The song captivates with that euphorically melodic electro feel, which is emphasized by the uplifting bass line, and then it all ties in with the subtle lavender-voiced vocals that’ll leave you in a pool of emotion. But in true Postal Service fashion, it’s a bittersweet emotion delivered with an 80’s pop undertone, giving the listener plenty of retro appeal.

On March 31st, Suren Unka treated his fans to a taste of his upcoming album with the release of his first new track, 130, an appropriate title seeing as it’s the 130th song he has made. The song features soft harp synth sounds alongside fragmented drum beats, creating textured muck and gloomy tones with a vocal sample described as a “monster in a cavity”. Like some of his other tracks, there is a mechanical element which is also intensely human. This human component has been explained by Suren Unka during an interview with Rip It Up, saying that his music evokes the feeling of ambivalence, “because it makes you feel anxious, calm, bonkers and excited all at the same time… just like life.”

So, this upcoming Saturday, Suren Unka will be holding his album release party April 19th in Auckland. If you’re round go check it out plus you can buy the album on CD! Yay, physical stuff!!



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