Surrealist Josh Keyes is imagining a desolate, post-apocalyptic Earth free from human existence

Josh Keyes is the surrealist artist who is painting a visual of an apocalyptic planet Earth, post-human existence.

Observing a world post-climate change, pollution and human destruction, the results are melting ice, polluted water, animals living in the metropolis and graffiti on pretty much everything.

Radiating a solitary and catastrophic I Am Legend vibe, Keyes work harnesses a clear message about the environment and the detrimental impact human ignorance can have on the planet.

The outer-space graffiti, along with tags on sharks and icebergs, suggests humans are constantly leaving their mark and as a result, we’re creating our own foreseeable future. 

Keyes solo exhibition Implosion kicked off last week in LA at Thinkspace Gallery and will be open until August 26. Otherwise, check out some more of his work below and on his website and Instagram.

[via This Is Colossal]