PREMIERE: SVLEM’s single ‘Falling’ will free you from a toxic relationship

The four-piece alternative-metal band release their fourth single, Falling, pulling listeners into their darkly energetic and ruptured world.

The retro gothic grunge force, SVLEM, rumble the heavy-metal genre with their new single Falling.

The track is the band’s fourth single release, continuing the heavy load of grumbling guitar riffs and blistering drum beats.


Falling crackles like a fire-driven shadow train, moving at an electric speed with vocals that shake the rigid tracks. The group ruptures a metal sound of indispensably controlled chaos, as the lyrics echo “there’s something about you that makes me feel I’m falling from heaven’. 

The four-piece alternative band became welded together on the brink of COVID-19 in early 2019, with just three live gigs under their studded belts. After one year in hiatus, SVLEM has triumphantly emerged from the shadows releasing singles Lay Me Down and Witching Hour.


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Falling is just another shielded curveball on the SVLEM armour, depicting the swings of a toxic relationship, and the denial of remaining in one because of how high the highs are;

“When it’s good it’s great, but when it’s bad it feels like rock bottom and everything is falling down around you” band member Josh describes.

In capturing this jarring contrast, the track begins with a soft acoustic guitar tune, melting with the harmonic tones of lead singer, Zara. And just as quickly as it begins, the song is flipped on its head with the echoing lyrics “it never takes long for it to go wrong” and a slamming guitar riff.


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Almost as if shaken from a dream, the track shatters the foggy illusion of a toxic relationship. SVLEM turns the metal genre upside down, pushing the listener from a floating to falling sensation, all while exploding with their old school gothic energy.

While at times, heavy metal can be often uninterpreted, SVLEM pushes listeners to feel the jarred harshness of their music, as dark as the black paint they are embellished with.

SVLEM’s track Falling will be released on 9th April on all your usual platforms. Until then, we can only dwell on the band’s previous metal masterpieces.