Two hundred swingers leave village locals furious after four-day sex-fest

A swingers festival in small-town England has disrupted the locals’ peace and quiet, filling the air with more than COVID-19.

Two hundred swingers have left village locals infuriated when they brought their four-day sex-fest to Lincolnshire, England on the weekend. Consequently, swinger Twitter is going wild over it.

For £200 per ticket (roughly $368 AUD), the campers of Swingathon could enjoy hot tubs, naked singers, fetish demonstrations and the coveted Mr and Miss Swingathon 2021 competition.

Swingers Festival England 2021
Image: South West News Service

The locals complained that their village’s peace and quiet was destroyed by the “screaming and moaning” that could be heard from the sex fest.

However, the BDSM demos and mobile dungeon weren’t the only issues the locals had with the festival.

Unconfirmed reports suggested that limited coronavirus guidelines were in place at the festival, including a lack of social distancing and hygiene facilities.

There is a lack of loos and washing facilities, and no social distancing so it isn’t Covid safe,” said one guest.

Everyone was asked to take a test so that doesn’t worry me. It’s all pretty well spaced out.”

According to the Swingathon website, the event was only open to swingers who had three personal verifications on their Fabswingers profile.

Guests were only given the location after they purchased tickets, and could only leave for emergency reasons, according to information provided online.

A spokesperson for North Kesteven District Council said: “A licence application was correctly issued, for a bar and regulated entertainment up to 11 pm in association with what was described as ‘private camping for a private camping club’.

So long as the event is conducted within the restrictions of the Temporary Event Notice in place, and in a lawful manner, there is nothing more for the Council to do in respect of this event.”

Ultimately the event organiser is responsible for ensuring the event is compliant and runs safely.”