Joining the masses in Europe this week? Get keen for huge queues at the airport

The Sydney Airport chaos has outlasted the school holidays, so you might need to leave a bit of extra time to catch your flight.

If you’re trying to escape the cold this winter with a little trip abroad, you’re going to have to put up with it for a little longer than expected, with queues at Sydney Airport extending well outside the terminal doors.

The huge lines have lasted for weeks now, with an increase of travellers during school and university holidays, plus airport staff shortages thanks to the new wave of COVID.

Sydney Airport lines
Credit: AAP

Photos of the chaos have been doing the rounds on social media, with travellers warning others to leave extra time before their flight to ensure they make it through security.

One person waited for 15 minutes to reach what they thought was the front of the line just to get inside the airport, only to join another herd of people waiting to get out of the cold.

Given the circumstances, travellers have praised the staff at Sydney Airport, who have remained “calm and professional” despite the staff shortages, prioritising passengers close to boarding to ensure nobody misses their flight.

Even still, the situation is less than ideal for staff and patrons alike. But hey, at least you can save some room in your baggage because you’ll need your biggest coat for the hour-long wait before you get inside the airport.