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TAL J-8: a faithful Jupiter-8 emulation that won’t break the bank

TAL’s J-8 faithfully recreates Roland’s iconic Jupiter-8, offering an affordable, compelling alternative to the competition.

The Roland Jupiter-8 is a legendary synth which has sprung many emulations, including Roland’s Cloud version and Arturia’s JUP-8V. Plugin-creators TAL has quietly released their take on the iconic synth, the J-8.

TAL’s J-8 is an exacting recreation of the original and adds some modern features like MPE support and a calibration section, all the while staying affordable.

Jupiter 8

Although it’s an emerging company in the soft synth landscape, TAL’s U-No-LX plugin is widely regarded as one of the top Juno 60 emulations. Similarly, the J-8 is another affordable and faithful emulation, which might also become a go-to synth for your favourite DAW.

At $106 AUD, the J-8 is a nice looking option when compared to the price of the vintage hardware (currently starting at $27,689.58 on Reverb!). TAL’s emulation also extends on the original with A VCO based Unison mode and stereo spread that allows you to create rich tones with a full stereo signal path.

The plugin features two VCOs with cross-modulation and its own dedicated section to VCO modulation. A low-pass VCF and high-pass filter plus an LFO and two envelopes are included for modulation.

Over 200 presets are included, which have been created by artists like solidtrax and emptyvessel. You also have the option to demo the J-8 before you buy.

You can read more about the J-8 on TAL’s website.