Tamino releases Sahar today, with the divine duet 'Sunflower'

Tamino releases Sahar today, with the divine duet ‘Sunflower’

Jose Gonzales meets Radiohead, ‘Sahar’ is a mesmerising combination of haunting and beautifully modern yet achingly timeless moments.  

Tamino’s sophomore album ‘Sahar” is out today via Virgin Music Australia. ‘Sahar’ translates into ‘Dawn’ in Persian, symbolising a new era in music, in which Tamino is paving the way. 

Having already led with the compelling and emotive singles, The First Disciple, Fascinating and You Dont Own Me, his fourth single, Sunflower (a divine duet with French star Angele) has seen him garner praise worldwide and has led to sold-out shows in Europe and North America.

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Born from Tamino’s apartment in Antwerp, the Belgian-Egyptian singer, musician and model has a strong lineage of industry. The grandson of Egyptian singer and movie star Muharram Fouad, he is clearly holding the mantle in keeping the family name alive, and positively flourishing.

‘Sahar’ has had the fortune of a strong collaborative team, including Radiohead bassist Colin Greenwood, producer/engineer PJ Maertens and drummer Ruben Vanhoutte. Making for a powerhouse sophomore effort that mixes Arabic folk and experimental indie rock with sweeping orchestral arrangements. 

With adept originality, Tamino rearticulates his grandfather’s oud, giving it an indie makeover. Paired with his smoldering voice, he creates a sonic landscape that is lush, layered, and deeply moving. 

‘Sahar’ falls seamlessly into the space where the romanticism of Jeff Buckley meets a cosmopolitan, universalist aesthetic sensibility – an effortless mingling of European, American, and Middle Eastern influences that ties the modern to the timeless.

Tamino Sahar is out now
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Praise for Sahar:

‘Hauntingly beautiful and sharp’ – Esquire

‘Astonishing’ – NPR

‘A magical elixr’ – KCRW

Stream Sunflower here.


Sahar is out now through Virgin Music Australia.

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