Tana Mongeau in therapy amid mounting David Dobrik allegations

Tana Mongeau reveals she’s ‘in therapy’ after controversial YouTuber, David Dobrik, encouraged her to have a threesome when she was 19.

Following a sudden wave of controversies and allegations against Dobrik and his “Vlog Squad”, Mongeau took to TikTok to unveil her current situation. On a video posted by fellow YouTuber, Trisha Paytas, Mongeau commented: “tag yourself I’m the 19-year-old who’s now in therapy and tryna stay out of drama”.

In the aforementioned video, titled “David Dobrik pushing me to have a thr33some with my 44yo bf (at the time) and an actual 19-year-old”, Paytas details an incident where Dobrik pushed her and her then-boyfriend, Jason Nash, to have a threesome with an ‘unnamed’ 19-year-old.

Tana Mongeau
Photo: Jean Baptiste Lacroix / Getty Images

At the time, Nash was 44 years old, while Paytas was roughly 30 years old.

The video is overlaid with audio from Paytas’ podcast, Frenemies, where Paytas is heard saying: “I think I’m uncomfortable, I think I might actually try to like ‘unalive’ myself if we do this.”

@trishlikefish88then I got dumped. I tried to unalive myself. David Dobrik blocked me after 1 1/2. I went to a mental hospital and not even a text if I was ok 👏🏻♬ original sound – megan

Past videos posted by Dobrik and his ‘colleagues’ appear to back up Paytas and Mongeau. In a video posted in January 2019, Nash was filmed saying to Dobrik: “if you can get Tana Mongeau to have a threeway with me and Trisha, I’ll buy you a Ferrari.”

A month later, another video was posted where Dobrik shared that Nash wants to have sex with Mongeau “because he likes broken girls.”

It’s another notch on the belts of Dobrik and his friends as accusations of distasteful, unethical and (alleged) illegal behaviour continue to plague them.

In March, an anonymous woman came forward to accuse Vlog Squad member, Durte Dom (whose real name is Dom Zeglaitis), of sexual assault after being given alcohol while underage.

Furthermore, Dobrik came under fire this year after footage of former Vlog Squad member, Jeff Wittek, made its way online. The video shows Wittek hanging onto a rope tied to an excavator. Dobrik (who’s operating the machine) proceeds to swing Wittek around, fast enough that the social media star slams into the excavator’s arm before hitting the water beneath them.

While this latest development contributes to Dobrik’s tarnished reputation and continued loss of brand deals, all parties involved have not issued responses.