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Tara Kannangara shares a playlist of tunes she’s digging right now

Late last month, when Tara Kannangara released her new video for I Made This For You, we were immediately immersed in her jazzy synth-pop sounds.

We’ve had the track spinning on repeat ever since we first laid ears on it, so fresh off its release, we caught up with Tara for a playlist of tracks she’s been digging lately.

Fresh off the release of her dreamy new single I Made This For You, Tara Kannangara shares a playlist of tunes she’s been digging.

Deerhoof – Zero Seconds Pause

Merival – Sinner

Danielle Knibbe – Northern Cardinal

St Vincent/David Byrne – Who

Lydia Persaud – Honey Child

Sydanie – Flirt

Illyin Pipes – Daylight Confidant

Pup – Scorpion Hill

Big Thief – Mary

Future Machines – Expresso Boss

Charlotte Cornfield – Silver Civic

Zinnia – Bullets

Kim Barlow – Bush Pilot

Kira May – Waves

I Made This For You is available now. Listen here.


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May 13, 2019