Tarantino has written five episodes of a ‘Bounty Law’ TV series

To quote Brad Pitts flawless Cliff Booth, “he’s Quentin F***ing Tarantino, don’t you forget it”.

Well, that’s not quite the quote. However, Tarantino is sticking to his word when he said he would like to produce a Bounty Law TV series, and don’t you forget it.

Quentin Tarantino has suggested he would like to write and direct a show based on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’s TV series, Bounty Law.

Tarantino began teasing back in July of last year that he would like to produce the show based on his fictional TV series that features in his latest film Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. He explained he would write and direct all five episodes and then sell them to a TV network. He also said it didn’t matter if Leonard DiCaprio was involved or not.

In a recent interview with Deadline, the Oscar-winning director and writer discussed his future plans. Tarantino stated, “As far as the Bounty Law shows, I want to do that, but it will take me a year and a half. I ended up writing five half-hour episodes. So I’ll do them, and I will direct all of them.” 

He goes on to say, “I ended up watching a bunch of Wanted, Dead or Alive, and The Rifleman, and Tales of Wells Fargo, these half-hour shows to get in the mindset of Bounty Law, the kind of show Rick was on. I’d liked them before, but I got really into them. The concept of telling a dramatic story in half an hour. You watch and think, wow, there’s a helluva lot of storytelling going on in 22 minutes. I thought, I wonder if I can do that?”

Just imagine, DiCaprio returns as Rick Dolton, playing his role as Jake Cahill, with Brad Pitt as his legitimate stunt double. Would this be a dream come true? 100%. However, we will just have to wait and see if Jake Cahill makes another return with more than enough already on Tarantino’s plate.

With Once Upon a Time In Hollywood up for 10 Oscars this year, we would be more than surprised if Tarantino really has any time to even consider taking on this task.

Let us hope that Tarantino keeps putting off his infamous 10th film and final film so he can keep producing extraordinary material for a little while longer.