Tashka bubbles and pops with Taken

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You know that time of the week where you get loose, make out with someone at a club, immediately regret it and then deal with comedown the following day? It’s called the weekend or something? Well, I think I’ve found the perfect music for such an event. The name’s Tashka, and her R’n’B inspired pop is the soundtrack to your next amazing, blurry memory*. She’s only been on the scene for a few months yet Sydney’s Tashka has already won us over with her standout contribution on Loudun’s track Gold.


Tashka displays a very particular set of skills in her first single, Taken. Fortunately, these are a dream. Unless you kidnap one of her family members.

Last week saw Tashka break out by herself with her first single Taken, inspired by Liam Neeson’s constantly misplaced family members. Her smooth vocals are reminiscent of 00s legends Aaliyah and Ashanti, with the modern pop sensibilities of Solange. Layered harmonies draw you in and chill you out; as if you were simultaneously dancing and napping. The track is the first taste of her debut EP, due later this year. “I’m still doing a lot of writing for the EP and being selective about what tracks I’ll include”, Tashka told Happy, “All of the songs I write and produce myself in my studio, doesn’t make tracking vocals too easy but it’s a good challenge.”

A graduate of the prestigious Berklee School of Music in Boston, Tashka has combined her formal training with electronic influences to create her unique sound. “I have a pretty clear concept of what I want the EP to be so it’s been really interesting exploring different perspectives on the production side of things” she says. “I use a lot of hardware synths and electronic production, but I come from a live music background so using elements of that is a big part of it for me. I’ve been working with a few musicians who play drums, bass and sax and they’re brought a lot to the table in making the ideas in my head come to life”.

Though we’ve only heard one track from Tashka, it’s enough to have us chomping at the bit for more. Tashka is confident we won’t be disappointed: “I’m really excited about being able to release the EP later in the year and do some live shows but for now I making the finished product as perfect as possible is the main goal”.

*Sorry if you’re reading this on Monday :(

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