Understanding Tawny K, the latest name in RnB and electro-pop

Tawny K is noticeably ambitious. With every offering, tempo, textures, and time signature are wielded for maximum dramatic effect.

What does it mean to be a millennial artist in the realm of RnB and electro-pop? Or more specifically, a Millennial Woman? So many unforgettable artists have conquered this genre, reshaped its scene, and turned dancefloors into cultural gatherings of pulse, appreciation, and instinct.

Yet still, a voice from Adelaide is shifting the tides for our contemporary age. Her name is Tawny K, and this is what we know so far.

Tawny K

Tawny K began her musical journey in school, picking up drums and guitar, then subsequently seizing opportunities to perform for her peers. Her progression as an artist continued as she began developing her vocals; its assured timbre lending itself smoothly to pop melody.

Sure enough, regular performances circling Adelaide brought Tawny her first recording experience. The blooming artist was approached by producer Nick Hart to record guitar and vocals on his anthem Believe. This opportunity inspired Tawny to begin penning originals herself. From the get-go, her output was impressively vibrant, joyous, and most importantly, unique.


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Flash forward to 2012 and Tawny is recording her debut album with expert producer Matthew Williams. Instead of settling with the first attempt, Tawny continued to refine her work until it reached a glowing standard.

In 2018, the artist released the single Listen Up, and… people did. 118,000 streams on Spotify later, her shimmering, guitar-laden EDM was receiving critical acclaim. The album that holds the single, Chapter 1, was packed to the brim with offerings of a familiar calibre; pulsing synths, huge choruses, and unapologetically pop melodies.

Now we reach 2021, and with it, Tawny’s most ambitious release to date, Millenial Women. It’s clearly a track the artist has laboured over, with every texture carefully considered to create a sonic realm of cinematic scope, lyrical substance, and stellar production.

The swelling strings, double-time metre, angular synths, and chilling vocals all culminate into an anthem that doesn’t sound like anything else in the scene right now.


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Mastering engineer Martin Pullan had this to say about the track: “This track is flipping epic! Dusty Springfield, James Bond, and Phil Spectre all rolled into one”.

What’s adamantly clear is that Tawny hasn’t even reached the summit of her power yet. While this track is brilliant, all the hard-work Tawny has poured into her work ensures her future will be even brighter.


Listen to Millenial Women below: