Tawny K’s ‘Millennial Woman’ is an anthem of empowerment

With its cinematic scope, angular synths, and powerhouse vocal performance, Millennial Woman is a daring piece of pop from Adelaide’s Tawny K.

A formidable talent, Tawny K has traversed a range of electro-pop textures over the years. But with the release of her latest single, Millennial Woman, her sound has taken on epic proportions.

A tireless champion of female empowerment, Tawny K has definitely put her heart on her sleeve with her fresh release. Millennial Woman also encapsulates the breadth of her musical personalities in one piece of music: you can’t help but get swept up in its theatrical intensity.

Tawny K

A sense of unpredictability is also built into the structure of this track. When you hear its beginning, you could be fooled into thinking that a gentle experience will unfurl. A steady, though stadium-sized waltz underpins Tawny K’s relaxed and assured vocal delivery.

But when the chorus kicks in, marked with the “I will be stronger” refrain, the shift in instrumentation is extreme, with the staccato strings replaced by a thick synth lead, playing an angular countermelody under the lusciously layered vocals.

The adventures continue with a double-time bridge and outro, showing that Tawny K and producer Matthew Williams aren’t afraid to manipulate the sense of space and time, bridging cinematic, pop, and even EDM worlds.

Millennial Woman is out now. Stream it below: