Taylor Swift tickets reach over $20K on StubHub after Ticketmaster crash

Taylor Swift tickets are listed in the thousands on StubHub, following Ticketmaster’s pre-sale disaster due to “unprecedented demand.”

The Taylor Swift fandom has sparked anarchy in the ticketing industry this week. On Tuesday (November 15), millions of Swifties flocked to Ticketmaster, in the hopes of scoring pre-sale tickets to Swift’s upcoming Eras Tour. What ensued was a website crash, due to “historically unprecedented demand,” as the company stated via Twitter.

Making the decision to delay some pre-sale events due to the incident, Ticketmaster declared on Wednesday (November 16), “If you are currently in a queue, please hang tight – queues are moving and we are working to get fans through as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience as we continue managing this huge demand.”

Since the whole debacle, pre-sale tickets have gone up on StubHub, at sky-rocketing prices. For example, tickets for Taylor Swift’s concert at MetLife Stadium in New New Jersey next May were spotted for a whopping $21,600.

Addressing public concerns over these prices, a StubHub representative informed CNN that their site did have several tickets listed at around “$150 with averages around mid $600.” However, they declared that it’s because of the pre-sale period going at the moment that “demand is at its highest and these prices will settle.”