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Teens are creating fake Karen accounts on Instagram

karen meme instagram fake account 1

In today’s episode of the war on Karens, teens are taking to Instagram to create profiles mimicking the antics of our favourite white, upper-middle-class, wine drinking soccer mums. Originating on Tiktok, a vast collection of these accounts have popped up across the internet. Each boasts classic minion memes, pictures of their children, and bios reading “Blessed with two beautiful children, #TRUMP2020, God first, Jesus loves you, Anti-VaX. LIVE! LOVE! LAUGH!”

If it wasn’t for the obvious photoshop on some posts, it would be scarily difficult to figure out if the accounts are legit or not. In a wholesome turn of events however, these high-school masterminds are now claiming that the ‘Karen cult’ has given them a new community.

karen meme instagram fake account 1

The TikTok legends are back at it again, flooding Instagram with a number of fake Karen-mimicking accounts as a way to bring our favourite Jesus-loving, wine mums back down to earth for a bit.

Three clear winners have emerged from the countless pool of talent we have before us. That would be @barbarashappyfamily, run by 14-year-old Ewelina from the UK, @carolynnjanet, a.k.a. 17-year-old Aitana from the US, and @sharon_.davis, 15-year-old Alice from Poland.

Each account is a treasure-trove of satirical cringe. Complete with captions straight from the source, and a curated archive of stock photos and primary school photoshop, they boast a cultural significance that we haven’t seen since Vine.

“The whole Karen account thing started on TikTok, so I decided to join the ‘cult’ and make my own,” @barbarashappyfamily a.k.a. Ewelina explained to Dazed. “It’s an amazing way to make friends online and start socialising while staying safe because of the coronavirus. There’s an entire group chat called #CoolMoms where kids my age (13-16) pretend we’re wine/soccer mums and just joke around. We role play to not only make fun of those women but actually see what their lives are like – at least I do.”

Check out these classics here.


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June 29, 2020