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Telefunken has launched the TF11 FET condenser microphone

Telefunken has introduced the TF11 FET. Touted as an versatile workhorse, this condenser mic provides high-quality at an affordable price.

Telefunken — the legendary German microphone manufacturer — has released a new model: the TF11 FET.

With this release, Telefunken is aiming to deliver a high-quality large-diaphragm condenser mic at a more affordable price point.

Telefunken TF11 FET

The TF11 FET fits in sonically among lauded Telefunken family of microphones, though it isn’t a valve microphone. Many non-valve large-diaphragm condensers are preferred for their reliability and relatively low maintenance costs. And for some, they even become favourites. Telefunken describes the phantom-powered mic as having an “Open and detailed tone with fast transient response“.

The TF11 uses a Carnhill custom-wound transformer in the CK 12-style capsule. The low-noise amplifier is a JFET design based on the Telefunken M60’s FET amp, and the whole thing is assembled in the USA.

The TF11 has a gentle low end roll-off, a slight low-mid bump, and a well-defined presence boost. It’s a microphone that will capture the intracacies of many sound sources, including acoustic instruments, strings, drums and vocals. It’s sold in either single or matched pairs and ships with shock mount, stand mount, sleeve and case.

Read more about the TF11 FET on the Telefunken website.