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Telemaster? Jazzcaster? Fender unveils limited edition Jazz-Tele hybrid

Jazzmasters and Telecasters each rightly occupy a place among the pantheon of iconic Fender guitars.

The company have recently started a series, dubbed Parallel Universe Collection, where they create innovative, limited-edition hybrids of these iconic models, with a new creation released each month. Now, with the latest addition, comes the Jazz-Tele hybrid.

fender jazz-tele, telecaster, jazzmaster

Bound to set many hearts aflutter among Fender fans, the Jazz-Tele hybrid guitar has been released. It combines the best of both Jazzmaster and Telecaster worlds in one memorable axe.

The new guitar compliments the previous members of the Parallel Universe line of electrics, namely the American Elite Telecaster HSS and the Strat-Tele.

This cross-breed features American Vintage ’65 Jazzmaster single-coil pickups, and the Jazzmaster’s (and Jaguar’s) floating vibrato – in our opinion the best wiggle-stick ever made. The look and specifically the body shape of the guitar, however, display its Telecaster tendencies.

The ash body comes in two highly appealing colour options of two-tone sunburst and surf green and is also fitted with an American Professional Jazzmaster Bridge.

Check out a demo of the guitar in the video below, and for more info, check out the Fender website.

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