The 2020 Game Awards are coming to you virtually and bigger than ever

The 2020 Game Awards are coming to us virtually, with host Geoff Keighley promising to deliver the biggest event yet.

Sadly, it won’t be a physical gathering with 10,000 members in the live audience. The 2020 Game Awards will be a virtual one and has been assured to be the biggest one in six years.

The Game Awards are a celebration of the rapidly-growing video gaming culture and a monument to our legacy as players or developers. This annual ceremony has been honouring achievements in the industry since its establishment in 2014.

2020 game awards

Like the Oscars but with people that matter more to us, fans anxiously await each year to see their favourite games earn some well-deserved accolades. The host Geoff Keighley has stated:

“Yeah… what I will say about it is, we have a very interesting plan for the show this year. We’re definitely doing it.”

Although many other award ceremonies are being postponed, it’s safe to say that at least the gamers won’t be disappointed this year.

With Keighley stifling his excitement by not revealing any details, we can assume that this year’s Game Awards won’t be plain and simple. So on scale from Keighley announcing the awards isolated in a room to the usual spectacle fans expect, what’s actually going to happen this year?

The 2020 GamesCon will likely be the closest thing to the virtual Game Awards in terms of style and format. With both events going online, the outcome of GamesCon will be a good indicator towards his future presentations.

With a host of stunning games released in the last twelve months, it would most definitely be a shame if we couldn’t do them any justice.