Past, present, future: witness a hip hop chronology of the 3 EPs which changed Data Black’s life

Data Black has just dropped Simulation, a three-track guide to making life your bitch. A dark, trap-heavy take on self-reflective hip hop, we were blown away by the tales, personality and honesty found within.

While Simulation may have been primarily inspired by self-improvement, it also heavily drew on Data Black’s musical upbringing. Read on for the three EPs which change the MC’s life, in chronological order.

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Kings, forefathers and groundbreakers: hear the three hip hop EPs that changed the course of history for Aussie MC Data Black.

Shabazz Palaces – Shabazz Palaces

2009 was a pretty important year for hip hop’s new wave. I felt like, before that, everyone (except Kanye, come on he dropped 808s) was becoming stale. Then Lil B (aka hip hop’s saviour/our era’s Sex Pistols) woke everyone up.

This EP and duo was one of those revelations that year. Shabazz Palaces came up with this intriguing and intricate new sound that was beyond everyone’s imagination. Blastit … was and is still an anthem. That year when I was buying speakers, I would test them by playing it loud in the store and dancing.

Bones x Xavier Wulf – Caves

Look, I like $UICIDEBOY$, Lil Peep and Ghostmane, BUT before they even conceived the emo rap thing, Bones was already the king. Also, before all these anime name-dropping rappers came out, Wulf was already that dude.

Now we have this influx of edgy rappers who are into anime trying to be sad. Don’t be sad, reach for victory. Don’t be a sorry ass.

Btw Trench has one of most well written dark intro/hook in hip hop of ALL TIME, no argument. Its up there with Three 6 and Gravediggaz.

Kode9 and The Spaceape – Killing Season

I still remember where I was when I heard of Stephen Gordon’s passing. I was working my dead-end Pizza Hut job and just finishing a delivery when I heard The Spaceape say “Today I saw a sign it said ‘The Devil is a liar'”.

It was on Utility Fog on FBi Radio. I was bumping it heavy and getting really introspective, then they announced they played it to respect one of the legends who just passed. I let off the biggest “EXCUSE ME!?” and was heavy hearted the whole night. This EP had the same emotional effect on me that Dilla’s Donuts and Bowie’s Blackstar did, but condensed. RIP.


Listen to Simulation by Data Black below: