The 485s drop infectious 90s throw back clip for FLAVA WAVE

The 485s drop infectious 90s throw back clip for FLAVA WAVE

The 485s (aka The 485s and The Skilled Immigrants) new clip for FLAVA WAVE is an upbeat hip-hop gem, and we’ve got it spinning on repeat. The musical collective display a dazzling array of talent and tricks on this latest single, brilliantly mixing vintage and modern.

FLAVA WAVE is a juicy, 90’s throwback from hip-hop collective The 485s. The clip is pure fun and is just as smooth to watch as the track is to hear.

The outfit dance through a tantalising mixture of guitar, bass, piano and drum solos with catchy melodies that get right under your skin. Couple that with intoxicating bars and rhymes that are absolutely on point, and the 485s have delivered a truly irresistible new track.

FLAVA WAVE is the first single from their sophomore EP Definition and hints at big things ahead. The smooth and seductive vocals from Kristen Chong perfectly counter-balance the bars and flow of MC Zeeth. Along with the band’s tight groove, the witty lyricism is enough to make our heads spin.

It’s easy for rappers to drop a steady backbeat and flow through the track, but as a collective, the 485s have a heightened focus on songwriting, ultimately crafting a well-made piece of delectable, hip-hop goodness.

FLAVA WAVE certainly holds an air of 80s and 90s vintage hop-hop, with nods to the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, Outkast, Jurassic 5, and Snoop Dogg, whilst mixing with the contemporary likes of Anderson Paak, J Cole, and Mac Miller. Thus we have a group that have learnt from the greats and are well on the way to mastering their art.

To top it off the talented outfit represent an array of cultural backgrounds which ripples through the message of their music. Their goal is to inspire and give a voice to young immigrants, rising above their limitations to be all they can be.

Do yourself a favour and watch the new video clip for FLAVA WAVE above.