The 5 best places to buy vintage clothes in Sydney

Looking to scope out some vintage threads but don’t know where to find the gold? Here are the 5 best places to buy vintage clothes in Sydney.

Are you always on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind vintage piece to make you feel just that little bit special? Melbourne might have a name for some pretty incredible vintage clothes shops, but Sydney is also a goldmine for great vintage finds, from shoes to jackets there are plenty of places where you can find hidden treasures.

We have come up with our top 5 picks for vintage clothes shopping in Sydney, from Enmore to Bondi there is something here for everyone.

best vintage clothes shops sydney

SWOP, Newtown

swop clothing exchange

Located on Enmore Rd in Newtown, SWOP is what most vintage clothes shoppers dream of. Part vintage depository, part vintage buyer, part vintage store, SWOP is aiming to reduce the number of clothes we throw away, giving you value for your beautiful pieces and providing an incredible range of vintage clothes.

Have a bag of old clothes that you don’t want to see end up in a skip. Or some vintage pieces that you just don’t wear anymore? Take the bag on Thursday evening or Friday morning to the store and the team of legends behind the counter will sort through, and give you two figures. One will be a cash price – what they will pay you in cash for the clothes that they think are good enough to sell. Your other choice is in-store credit should you choose to swap (get it?) your old clothes for some new ones. Pretty dope huh.

It’s a great way to downsize without feeling like you are losing out, and the best part is that it’s reasonably priced and should you chose to take the money. Feel like this could be for you? Head over this coming Friday and see how your old clothes fare.

112 Enmore Road, Newtown 2042

Check them out here.

Zoo Emporium, Surry Hills

zoo emporium
Photo: Zinc Moon

Located just off Crown Street in Surry Hills, Zoo Emporium is somewhat of an icon. If you have ever drooled over a vintage clothes store in the movies, packed floor to ceiling with everything that ruffles, glitters or gleams, then Zoo Emporium is for you.

Stocking shoes, bags, hosiery, incredible dresses and a huge array of jewellery, you will be spoiled for choice. It’s a bit haphazard and you really have to do some digging but once you’re on a roll the place turns out to be a goldmine of treasures.

With a strong focus on 70s and 80s evening wear and glamour, if you are after a party outfit, this is the place to shop. A bit short on jeans and basic cool t-shirts which are commonplace at most vintage stores, this one is less trendy op shop and more gorgeous collectable gallery.

180B Campbell St, Surry Hills

Check them out here.

St Vincent De Paul, Paddington

vinnies paddington

A lot of people will knock Vinnies for being less than great since the rise of popularity in vintage and second-hand shopping, but if you look at how luscious and stylish a lot of the Eastern Suburbs are, chances of running into a dope vintage piece at their street-level op shops are high.

An old aunt throwing out her party wear from the 80s, or a grandma whose designer bags were taking up too much room in the new downsized apartment. It might seem silly but it’s these people who have the beautiful silks, sequins and authentic vintage finds… they just don’t know how coveted it is. At bargain prices and in one of Sydney’s best shopping districts, Paddington Vinnies is a treasure trove of vintage scores.

292 Oxford St, Paddington NSW 2021

Check them out here.

Purple 22, Newtown

vintage sotres newtown

Owned by tarot reader and psychic, Poppy, Purple 22 is a Newtown landmark. If you thought Zoo Emporium was stuffed to the brim then wait until you visit Poppy in her store of wonders.

Coats are her speciality and sometimes the odd dress or bag, if you are looking for a military jacket, overcoat or a retro leather piece for winter then Purple has you sorted. It’s really well-priced and there’s to choose from choice.

The store is located in the thick of Newtown. We suggest heading there on a Saturday and also catching the Newtown markets which are located just up the road, opposite the train stations. Another place where you could potentially grab a bargain!

22 Enmore Rd, Newtown

Miss Brown’s, Surry Hills

Miss Brown vintage clothes

The locally-owned Miss Brown’s has now expanded to several locations up and down the East Coast and at markets around the place, so it’s likely you’ve seen their stuff before.

The store is small but has a focus on natural materials, so think great denim, linen dresses, raffia bags and leather shoes. They sourcing their clothes from all over the world, so if you are travelling in the coming months, the owners definitely worth talking to for advice on where to grab the best vintage buys while overseas. Be aware that they do resize some pieces so always try them on before you buy.

332 Crown St. Surry Hills