The Amazons’ single ‘How Will I Know?’ is simultaneously uplifting and heart-breaking

The Amazons’ new single How Will I Know? documents the devastating story of a long-distance relationship throughout the pandemic.

How Will I Know? is the latest release from The Amazons’ forthcoming album How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me? and was actually the first song to be written for the record.

The single is an anthemic sing-along that lifts you up musically but speaks about the confusion and upset brought on by distance in a romantic relationship.

How will i know if heaven will find me

The Amazons’ lead singer Matt Thomson said the song “became the blueprint, lyrical and sonically, for the rest of the album,”

“‘How Will I Know?’ was mostly created during the seven months I was apart from my girlfriend,” Matt said of the track.

“I found that the longer we spent apart, the more I started to question. How will I know if I’m going to see this person again? And even if I do, how will I know it’ll be the same as before? After writing the song, I began to wonder if it’s the dreams and beliefs which are challenged that become our strongest.”

The track is a classic euphoric rock anthem that opens the album with brilliant energy and showcases the band’s polished musicianship. 

How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me? is set to be released Friday, September 9 via Fiction Records and Virgin Music Australia.

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See the full How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me? tracklist below.

1. How Will I Know?
2. Bloodrush
3. Say It Again
4. There’s A Light
5. Northern Star
6. Wait For Me
7. One By One
8. Ready For Something
9. For The Night
10. In The Morning
11. I’m Not Ready