Super duper exclusive track from The Baudelaires

Exclusive Track from The Baudelaires

Hope you guys like delay, cause here’s a super exclusive B-Side recording from Melbourne neo-psych band The Baudeliares. You might remember these guys from their recent EP Be A Baudelaire! which we absolutely dug the shit out of for its Jonestowny, cactus psychedelia. In fact, if you read our last article on ’em, you can skip straight to the exclusive track, because I’m basically just restating the obvious.

baudelaires exclusive track

Exclusive track from The Baudelaires. Pull up that corduroy bean bag, take a sip of your codeine spider and give Pain Pills & Ice-Cream a spin.

Pain Pills & Ice-Cream skulks around in the footsteps of slowed down proto-punk records. A single progression strummed with lazy intent like an unstoppable open chord glacier with sparkly tele tones slipping and sliding atop, bouncing to and fro on a bungee cord of analog delay. It doesn’t have much to work with, and it’s about as structurally simple as a song can get, but it’s this simplicity that will worm its way into your memory. It’s easy listening for those living Free and Easy (Take 2).

Gone are the crushing breakdowns on tracks like Heel-Waver, no more is the low-fidelity harmonica indulgences of Broke Down Blues and the mind-swirl of Dream Salts seems all but absent, yet this is unmistakable Baudelaire material. Coming off the back of a pretty solid EP, you can add The Baudelaires with confidence to the list of artists to get to play at your next acid trip house party, alongside The Dead Heads, The Citradels and The Grease Arrestor. Facebook invites going out soon.

We would also like to take this opportunity to publish an official retraction on our last article on these dudes, in which it was stated “the band [are] named after the family in Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events“. The band have since informed us that they have no affiliation with the series of gothic young adult novellas, and are instead named for French essayist and poet Charles Baudelaire.

I dropped literature studies after only two semesters, French after one semester, and am still a little hazy on what Modernism actually is so we at Happy didn’t quite pick up on the infinitely artsier reference.



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