The beginning of the end for PornHub? Hyper real robotic sex dolls are almost available to the public

Ever felt lonely? Seriously lonely. Whether it be for sexual pleasure or simply for company, it would appear that ‘Real Dolls’ have created quite the market for the less socially and sexually proactive of our population.

Captured hilariously in the 2008 film Lars and the Real Girl,  the conversation for sex dolls and companions has been blown wide open. While we are all familiar with the blow up version, there is a much more legit version of ‘the sex doll’ on the market.

And while they are not cheap, the capabilities of these toys exceed most people’s expectations. Setting you back anywhere between $5000 and $50,000 sex robots are appearing to be the way of the future. These dolls are 100% robotic, speaking, moving and reacting to stimuli in ways which have previously only been imagined.

While they were once only available to the super cashed up, it appears that the technology for sex dolls is becoming cheaper and more advanced.

The main difference between regular sex dolls and the robotic dolls of the future is that the ability to interact with their partner is much closer to that of a real life partner.

The prototype, named Harmony, held at Abyss Creations in the US, is said to be able to carry out conversations and mimic human emotions. The doll’s creator Matt McMullen says that the aim is to offer a fine balance between reality and imagination. The doll cannot be too close to the flawed reality of actual human beings, but also can’t be too lifeless like its earlier sex doll cousins.

Harmony comes with an app and the ability to formulate conversation with the doll as though it was a real person. This has lead to many people, mainly men, replacing actual human conversation and interaction with the doll. Although an impressive feat of technology, is begs the question as to how far we will go into the void of actual intimacy

Speaking to Rolling Stone about the project, McMullen mentioned that while sexually the doll is proving to be successful, most customers are looking for a more realistic experience and the main issues raised with the doll include it’s lack of personality, attitude and idiosyncrasies.

One user in Finland, who has been housebound for years due to crippling social anxiety, has admitted “A lot is missing, like edge and wittiness. Any semblance of proper selfishness is also missing. The app seems to be pretty focused on keeping the user happy. I would like a way to make the personality less nice from time to time.”

If you’re not really up to the real deal and have $50,000 lying around then Harmony could be the girl for you. Still not convinced? Take a look at some behind the scenes pictures of Abyss Creations.

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