The Blue Hotel serve up a scintillating slice of disco-pop on ‘Silence’

The Blue Hotel conjure a revolving dance floor of synth-pop brilliance on their latest slice Silence.

A strong bassline lies at the heart of so many incredible songs. It’s the cream in the pasta, it’s the wax on the envelope. On their latest single, The Blue Hotel serve up a bassline so silky that dance-pop heavyweights will wish they wrote it.

In fact, the entire song – from tip to tail – is airtight. The grooves are buttery, the textures are silky-smooth, and the production is so polished.

the blue hotel

Over its five-minute run, Silence blends the best parts of funk, nu-disco, and dance-pop into an utterly irresistible morsel. Laden with retro-infused drum beats and rich instrumentation, the track provides the perfect platform for lead singer Jenna’s vocals to soar.

And soar they do, hitting every nuance and cadence to perfection.


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“‘Silence’ moves and strides with equal parts grace and vigour and draws the listener with a provocative vocal and lyric delivered by singer Roubos,” the band’s presser writes. “Guitarist and vocalist Thomas joins the chorus and adds a unique alliance to the songwriting peppered with melodic guitar hooks, synth arpeggios and impassioned vocals whilst Mckenzie’s unforgettable bass steadies the vessel with a thundering melodic anchor as O’Brien holds course with a steady hand on the kit.”

In need of a soulful groover to charge you into the weekend? Look no further than The Blue Hotel’s latest track.

Check Silence out below: