Eliza Brennan releases her anthemic debut single ‘Goodbye’

Introducing Eliza Brennan: a trail-blazing vocalist who has arrived to the art-pop scene with all the drama and theatrics of a true professional.

Originally based amongst the quirky chicness of Noting Hill, and now hailing from the darker corners of Hackney, we bring you Eliza Brennan. Uniting the best of both the east and west of London’s superior music scene, she gives us her first dose of brilliance. Somewhere between the experimental candour of Fiona Apple and the emotional nurturing of Carole King, you’ll discover Brennan’s grandeur.

Announcing herself with a thrilling debut, Eliza Brennan says hello with a dynamic call to the void with Goodbye. It’s with the sparkling sheen of ’70s disco that Brennan fuses her own brand of electronica, blues and even a splash of opera. Goodbye needs to be heard to be believed – a modern classic that exists fresh and poignantly in 2021.

Eliza Brennan

The heartbeat of Goodbye immediately sets the infectious tone throughout the tracks five-minute duration. This guh-gung predicts a brightly decorated synth crescendo that rolls out the carpet for Brennan’s vocals. Completely demanding of your attention, she commands control with zestful, yet perfect, pitch. Setting this on fire, the chorus incites a huge and glorious falsetto frenzy with: “I said goodbye, to all the lies /I tried too hard, I fall so long.”

This electrifying vocal display is in no way surprising once you learn that Brennan is a professionally trained actor and singer. She attended The Art Education School, worked in theatre and collaborated with different producers over the years to compose a number of original songs. The artist explains:

“I had been collaborating with other songwriters and decided one day that I just wanted to create my own tracks with a view to releasing an album. A producer heard ‘Goodbye’ and encouraged me to promote it. That spurred me on to write more tracks and I’m working on my second release now. I can’t wait to get the new track mastered once lockdown’s over.”

Buoyantly brave in its soaring highs, Goodbye accentuates the elements of a supremely talented singer. Eliza Brennan scratches an itch inside the listener with this ferociously feminine break up anthem. Like shaking off a toxic ex, she allows for the shedding of all jackets on a dance floor with a touch of funk. We can’t wait to see what’s to come for her.

In the meantime, enjoy the quirk-fest of a video that is Goodbye below: