The Color Study embark on a philosophical journey with latest LP ‘Future Past Present Tense’

The Color Study’s sophomore album, Future Past Present Tense submerges you into a world of endless possibilities.

The Color Study is an indie-rock outfit from Oregon, USA, which originally started out as a solo project for singer-songwriter, Scott Oliphant. Scott has a steady stream of thoughts and big ideas in his mind, with an extensive conceptual process that produces his stunning narrative-styled songwriting.

The Color Study quickly expanded to adding members Melissa Atillo (keys and vocals), Matt Jackson (bass), Miguel Mendoza (horns), Andy Jacobs (drums and vocals), and Steve Reinhardt (lead guitar), as Scott wanted to grow his creative expression with their sophomore album, Future Past Present Tense.

future past present
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Future Past Present Tense sees the band take a turn from their debut sound, which was reminiscent of a relationship lost and clouded with sadness, to a more potent and philosophical take. The album touches on the impression that interpersonal relationships can leave on you, however, with a more instrumentally vibrant sound, now that he has a full band to capture his ideas and be able to be more lyrically poignant.

The tracks featured on Future Past Present read like a diary, with themes that reflect very much on the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and how they have the potential to alter the course of a person’s life. The album serves as a road map for future interactions we may come across that could affect who you are in the present, and how you will look back and remember your past. It is an album that will immerse you fully and captivate your attention as you follow through the journey of future life-altering situations.

Credit: Press

Future Past Present Tense is a musically vibrant piece of art, filled with nostalgic ’90s alternative flavours, as well as elements of power pop and neo-psychedelia. The meticulous layering of instrumentation generates a soundscape that provides a soundtrack to Scott’s flowery philosophical lyrics. Each track encapsulates the message impeccably, whether that be with moody ambient textures, or vibrant thrums of the guitar with lively drums. Every sound is heavily textured and expansive, which allows the listener to have peak absorption and introspection for each track.

The Color Study have managed to create an album that immerses you in a world of endless possibilities on where life can take you. It taps into insightful messages and storylines that have you reflecting on every interaction with the world around you, and how it has led you to where you are today. Future Past Present Tense is such a powerful listen, and you’ll find yourself going down a rabbit hole of deep contemplation, as it opens up your mind to what the future may hold. Stream Future Past Present Tense by via Soundcloud below.