The Comedy Wildlife Photo Award winners for 2016 are absolutely hilarious

A few weeks ago we shared the finalists of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards for 2016 which showcased a bunch of perfectly timed snaps capturing animals at the goofiest.

comedy wildlife awards
‘A Tough Day in The Office’ – Angela Bohlke

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards winners for 2016 have been announced – have a laugh at animals going full retard below

Now the winners have been announced, whittled down from 2,200 entires in total. The top prizes in the Overall and On the Land categories were handed to Angela Bohlke from the States for her excellent shot of a fox face-planting into the snow at Yellowstone National Park.

“The picture shows a red fox hunting for his morning breakfast, a small rodent, known as a vole,” Bohlke said in a statement. “This photograph is from one of the times he unfortunately, however, hilariously missed. On the third try, he finally succeeded.”

“To me, winning is just a chance to share the beauty of our protected lands with more people,” she added. “I plan to donate any personal profit from sales of the image back to Yellowstone National Park where this image was taken.”

The rest of the awards are also for a good cause, with an initiative also put forward by the The Born Free Foundation, a conservation charity, aimed at getting people to talk about conservation and wildlife. You can read more about that here.

Have a look at the other winners and some highly commended entries below.

Creatures in the Air Category

comedy wildlife photo awards
‘Damn!’ – Nicolas de Vaulx

Underwater Category

comedy wildlife
‘Excuse Me’ – Jim Chen

The Amazing Internet Portfolio Category

comedy wildlife
‘Dream’ – Mario Fiorucci

Junior Category

comedy wildlife awards
‘Say Cheese’ – Thomas Bullivant

Highly Commended

comedy wildlife awards
‘Grizzly Bear Fail’ – Rob Kroenert

Highly Commended

comedy wildlife
‘Head Shot’ – Tom Stables
comedy wildlife awards winners
‘Angel Bear’ – Adam Parsons