The Delta Riggs’ Top 10 Songs of 2014

The Delta Riggs have definitely been on a roll this year. Their lush guitar hooks and cool vibes simply ooze from their latest release Dipz Zebazios which we were pretty damn fond of. It was laden with irresistible grooves yet managed to push the boundaries of your run of the mill guitar music, proving the The Delta Riggs are not only here for a good time but have a vision for their music too. I remember wandering over to Moolin Rouge stage at Groovin the Moo this year and the first song I saw the band play there was a ridiculously good, hard rocking version of Taylor Swift’s I Knew You Were Trouble. It was immensely enjoyable, and I fucking hate Taylor Swift. Okay lets end it there, you came to see what the Delta Riggs thought of 2014, not to see what I think of pop singers.

Delta Riggs

It has been a stellar year for The Delta Riggs, and today they are sharing their ten favourite stellar songs of the year!

When Happy came calling, Monte from the band was kind enough to take some time out his busy schedule to write down a few of his favourite tracks from this year on his phone while at a Hobart airport and tell us why they are so special. So without further ado we give you The Delta Riggs’ top ten songs of 2014!

The War On Drugs – Red Eyes

This was easily my highest played track of the year. I think I’ve listened to it at least 200 times. It never gets tired or old for me, it’s still as exciting as the first time I heard it. Amazing record.

Run The Jewels – Close Your Eyes

I’m not the hugest hip hop fan but as soon as this song plays I immediately start to bounce. I’m the whitest guy you’ve ever seen when it drops.

Spoon – Rainy Taxi

I’ve always had a committal crush on Britt Daniel. He somehow has the ability to make it sound like he has smoked 15 ciggies prior to singing anything. The production on all spoon albums is also perfect. Something about this song stands out to me but I’m yet to figure out exactly what it is. I guess that’s the allure?

Jenny Lewis – Head Underwater

Jenny Lewis has long been in my top 3 of babes. She’s always had it going on and I was a big Rilo Kiley fan. This whole record is full of unadulterated pop gems. She has this amazing way of disguising it though so it feels really cool at the same time.

Bad Dreems – My Only Friend

Without a doubt my favourite Australian band this year. Got to play a couple shows with them in NYC too and they are all legends. This song reminds me of The Replacements – it’s simple, brash and earnest. It’s just a great song and probably the only other song on this list (Besides Red Eyes) that I can’t tire of.

Skaters – Miss Teen Massachusetts

There’s always one band each year that pops up and has a cracker tune. For me, this was Skaters. The chorus of this song is massive and is hard to look past no matter what you’re into.

Damon Alban – Everyday Robots

The next two win the sentiment vote. The opening lines of this song ” We are everyday robots on our phones, in the process of getting home” conjures up a sense of empathy and just living in 2014. Damon Alban has an incredible career and this just perpetuates him further through it.

Elbow – Charge

Never been a huge fan of elbow. They are rather dad rock some might say. Saying that, I have always dabbled and thy have had some amazing songs over the years. This track is epic. Just have a listen if you haven’t. The production and piano part when the chorus comes in is stunning.

TV On The Radio – Careful You

Always hard to exclude TOTR when end of year lists come along. The dreamy and pulsing bass line that drives through the whole song, then the euphoric change into the chorus. It’s just an awesome song and that’s that.

Tom Petty – U Get Me High

My old mate TP. He’s snuck in a ripping record this year that’s remnant to Petty of yore. Just those simple, slackly delivered vocals that are irreplaceable. The songs across the whole album are great too. I got lucky to see him once live a few years ago in LA. I would love to see him again if ever there was a chance. Who wants to fund the tour?