The Stiffys' Top 10 Songs from 2014

The Stiffys are certainly a unique pair. They have a rockin’ attitude which they undercut with a relentless sense of humour. They also seem to communicate exclusively in caps lock. Not to mention that they are so freakin awesome that they wrote a rap about Ian Thorpe and made a video for it exclusively for Happy. So yeah, we might be crushing a bit. And as the love sick kids we are followed the boys around hoping and praying they’d give us something more to magically savour. Not really, we just sent them an email. But it was an email full of love! Anywho, the band have kindly obliged our request and have turned in ten songs they have loved from 2014. Check it out below!

The Stiffys

Everybody’s favourite boogie boarders The Stiffys weigh in on the year that was 2014 with some choice picks on what made the music world that much better.

DZ Deathrays – Reflective Skull

We love to have a couple of drinks and march around to this song. We love it. This song as well as Ace of Base Really gets us in the zone.

The Delta Riggs – Party House*

This song is so great because it’s like they’ve peeked into our soul. You know we’re always having a couple of drinks waking up at parties where we don’t know anyone, it’s just something that happens in the music business and I’m glad someone is telling our story.

Twin Beasts – Sweet Marie

This is an amazing song and these guys are an amazing band. There’s a weird bit where Giuls is singing about hoe he’s kneeling in a girl’s garden late at night and he spills his heaven into the dirt. I don’t really know what that means. I didn’t know Giuls was into gardening. He must have just spilt his drink or something.

King Gizzard And The Wizard Lizard – Vegemite

This song is really deep. It gets us thinking you know?

Gay Paris – Ash Wednesday Boudoir Party

We love playing air drums to this song. When it kicks at the start we’re just like “OHHHHHHH WHAAAAAAAAA! No way man, no way man, is this even happening right now?

Courtney Barnett– Lance Jnr

This song is amazing. It’s the first time we’ve ever heard a girl say such sexual things on tape, we were both like “Woah”. It’s like the first time we saw Rodger Rabbit and Rodger’s wife came out and we were both like “Holy guacomole we had no idea such a risqué things had ever been put to film, we both feel so alive right now!”

Udays Tiger – Time Killer**

These guys are the best guys.

Hey Lady – My Hand, My Heart

We play with Hey Lady every time we’re in Newcastle because they’re the best in the business. They are basically going to be the next Backstreet Boys, we love them.

The Beards – Stroking My Beard

Sometimes we get a bit confused by The Beards. They’re a bit too all over the place thematically. It’s hard to keep up after you’ve had a couple of drinks, but honestly this song is probably the next Australian rock and roll anthem. these guys are basically our best friends and we think they’ve got a bright future ahead of them in the music business.

The Stiffys – Kick Another Flip

These guys are really cool guys, they’re heaps popular with the girls and ladies alike…

Guess what guys? It’s us! We’re The Stiffys! We just did a rock and roll joke on you. You’ve done it agin The Stiffys, you’ve done it agin you crazy guys. Listen to our newest song. Stay art everybody!

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*We couldn’t find a video for this song

**Or this one


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