The ‘Dickhead Day’ cafe owner has the perfect response for the dickheads who threatened his life

Australia Day has remained as divisive as ever this year, with many voices still slamming its celebration of invasion and attempted genocide, while others remain woefully ignorant of the anniversary’s dark past. One cafe owner has now copped a fair bit of heat after posting a blackboard outside his shop stating he will be open on what he called ‘Dickhead Day’. The dickheads of Australia saw the sign, and when their tiny brains couldn’t fathom a self-deprecating joke took to the internet to gather their pitchforks.

Dickhead Day

Matt Chun, the owner of the cafe of Mister Jones in Bermagui, NSW, has since faced threats of vandalism, violence, rape and murder after a picture of his blackboard was posted to the Facebook group Meanwhile in Australia.

Mr Chun took to Facebook last night to share what is perhaps the most honest thoughts about Australia Day, and we strongly urge you all to give it a look. It’s a damn fine read, and will most likely change the way you think about Australia Day.

Story first seen on Pedestrian.