The Festival Of Dangerous Ideas has announced its lineup, lead by Stephen Fry

This year, Sydney will host the ninth Festival of Dangerous Ideas in November with English journalist, author, actor and comedian, Stephen Fry, leading the annual ceremony.

The huge “original disruptive festival” has just announced a brilliant lineup of speakers set to appear, with Stephen Fry making a special appearance to present The Hitch“an oration on the art of furious disagreement”.

The Hitch was previously presented by the late Christopher Hitchens, Stephen Fry’s good friend, renowned social critic, polemicist, and the festival’s inaugural keynote speaker.

The controversial festival has been continued as a means of encouraging debate and topical conversation, as well as pushing the parameters of conventional thought on a wide array of provocative subjects. This year they will be covering everything “From sex robots to sex clowns, the rise of populism to the end of the West.”

Earlier today Steven Fry took to his Twitter to announce his participation in the festival. “Sydney, I’ll be popping by this November to give a talk on the art of disagreement, in honour of the marvellous, missed-every-day Christopher Hitchens,” he said.

The 2018 lineup also features ex-Westboro Baptist Church member Megan Phelps-Roper, conservative historian and political commentator Niall Ferguson, Germaine Greer, micro-dosing advocate Ayelet Waldman; pop culture critic Chuck Klosterman, academic and activist Mick Dodson and many more.

“In an age of hyper-political correctness and fake news, there’s no better time to reflect on our evolving understandings of truth and trust; to encourage audiences to listen to ideas they may not agree with and facilitate engagement in the art of disagreement,” says festival director and co-curator Danielle Harvey.

Be sure to check out the full Festival of Dangerous Ideas full lineup here. Tickets are on sale now.