Immerse yourself in the cinematic energy of Josie Moon’s new video Call Me

With the release of her latest EP Rose Tinted, Wellington artist Josie Moon presented a fully-formed collection of tracks that showcased her incredible penchant for crafting shimmering and infectious indie-pop gems.

The EP’s opening track – and lead single – Call Me, is a hook-driven electro-pop number that’ll rope you in with its glassy production and bright vocal delivery.

On her incredibly cinematic new video for Call Me, Wellington artist Josie Moon celebrates the powerful solitude that comes out of a break-up.

The song was initially written as a break-up song – not the type that mourns a break-up, but celebrates being alone.

The song is ultimately about isolation, but I wanted the video to be more than someone who had just been left alone in the middle of nowhere,” Moon says of the track.

I wanted it to be about someone who is moulded by and grows due to the nature of their surroundings.”

Inspired by the visual stylings of The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Shining, the song’s accompanying video is gloriously cinematic, as Moon dances through the picturesque hallways of a hotel.

It was really important that we found a location that had a personality that we could interact with as if it was a character.”

Do yourself a favour and watch the new video above, and listen to Josie Moon’s Rose Tinted EP here.