The first-ever demo of David Bowie’s Starman has been found in an attic

An incredibly rare musical relic is set to go up for auction, with a dusty old reel of David Bowie’s Starman having been found in an attic.

For fans of Bowie and his legendary songs, it’s time to start saving as it could fetch prices as high as 10,000 pounds. Who knows, maybe an extra-terrestrial millionaire could shout us.

david bowie lord of the rings
Photo: Masayoshi Sukita

Fancy the first ever demo of David Bowie’s Starman? It could all be yours for an easy 10,000 pounds.

After David Bowie’s first ever demo was discovered in a breadbasket last year, we were brimming with excitement over which other possible holy relics had yet to be found. And as it happens David Bowie just keeps on giving. After going under the hammer, the original demo fetched just shy of 40,000 pounds.

History is now repeating itself. According to the BBC, the demo made its way to Kevin Hutchinson in 1971, when Mitch Ronson handed it on to help him learn the song.

Hutchinson listened to it once, thought “This is OK”, then packed it away in his attic for decades. “I didn’t think ‘This is fantastic’,” he stated.

“At 16 you’re not totally impressed with anything.”

Thus it was totally forgotten about for almost 40 years. Hutchinson also goes on to note that it contains early versions of Moonage Daydream and Hold Onto Yourself,  both of which went onto to be released on the landmark 1972 album The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars.

Hutchinson said that his wife helped jog his memory of the tape after watching a David Bowie documentary following his death in 2016.

The tape will go on sale in a town called Newton-le-Willows on Tuesday and is expected to fetch upwards 10,000 pounds.

We can’t help but wonder what other beautiful secrets are out there waiting to be discovered? Check your attics, everybody.