The Frank Burkitt Band’s new live EP is sprawling, personal journey

Having just picked up the NZ Music Award for Best Folk Artist 2019, we’re incredibly excited to welcome our NZ friends The Frank Burkitt Band to Australia! The charismatic and mood-lifting group are bringing their fun, jazzy tunes to our shores across March and April to celebrate their recent EP release.

The Frank Burkitt Band lost but alive live ep

On their new live EP Lost But Alive, The Frank Burkitt Band will take you on a whimsical journey from the comfort of your home to outer space and back.

Boy, can Frank Burkitt tell a story. The entertainer’s charisma and enthusiasm is thoroughly infectious, and when his heart breaks so will yours.

The journey of this new EP starts with the whimsical and constantly moving Bones and Skin, which discusses whether mankind will progress or kill itself trying. These lyrics are paired with an inspiring, but slightly unsettling, chord structure that leaves you perpetually curious towards what’s coming around the corner.

Continuing the whimsical adventure, we reach the high-energy fun of Try Try Try, which talks about those times when you’re maybe not quite the person you want to be, incorporating an inner monologue on some of the less savoury thoughts we all have sometimes.

The title track Lost but Alive changes the tone of the record, sending us out into space both sonically and lyrically. This song is arranged in such a beautiful and, at times, slightly eerie way. It’ll leave you feeling like you’re floating – suspended in your own thoughts.

Lost but Alive flows on to the beautiful solo song Dream On, offering a touching and honest peek into Frank’s mind. To end, we’re lifted up with Boy Meets Girl, leaving us on an extremely charismatic and smile-forcing tune.

It is so easy to forget that the entire Lost but Alive EP was recorded live. The musicianship exhibited by the six-piece group is exquisite, you can hear the years and years of practice – this EP is damn near flawless.

Frank’s little story-driven interludes are particularly lovely as they give so much more personality and insight into the songs. It adds to the overall experience, and we can’t wait to experience it in person! Full tour dates and ticket info is available here.

Listen to Lost but Alive above.