Pornhub reveal what women are searching for most in 2019

You might not expect to hear “Happy International Women’s Day” from Pornhub, but the world is full of surprises.

On a day all about women, it seems only logical to discuss what makes women tick. This year to celebrate the occasion, Pornhub gave us some pretty interesting data regarding what women around the world are searching.

pornhub women of the world insights

In 2019 Pornhub celebrated International Women’s Day by publishing insights into how female porn viewers differ throughout the world.

Unsurprisingly, lesbian porn is the most searched category by women overall by a landslide, with women being 151% more likely to search the category than men. Across the world, however, tastes vary from hentai to ebony, MILF, Indian, mature and Japanese depending on the region.

Check out the full map of category by country map below.

Another interesting data map is the top relative category. A few fun examples are that Germans are 166% more likely to watch feet porn than anywhere else in the world, Danes are 68% more likely to watch small boobs porn, and Brazilians are 58% more likely to watch cosplay porn. Again, I’ve included the full map for your perusal.

pornhub women of the world

Check out the full run of data on Pornhub Insights.