The gravel-voiced God that is Iggy Pop has narrated a new alt-J film clip

“Just hearing his voice…I could barely concentrate.”

That’s a quote from Josh Homme talking about working with Iggy Pop on his record, Post Pop Depression, taken from a documentary about the duo’s collaboration that’s due to come out this year. It’s a sentiment that we completely understand.

iggy pop

Watch the new video from alt-J, which features a wood mouse who stumbles across a massacre and narration from the gravel-voiced God Iggy Pop.

Iggy Pop has joined up with alt-J to narrate the intro and outro to their new film clip for In Cold Blood. His gravel-voice reading is bone chilling, adding an extra element of menace to the already menacing clip.

His lines are completely mundane, explaining the eating habits of a wood mouse, which the clip revolves around. However, Iggy’s growl just makes the whole thing super dark and foreboding. The video is great too.

See below:

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