The National have teased the world with a glitchy new video. Will their 7th album drop this year?

Since their last album Trouble Will Find Me back in 2013, things have been a little quiet on The National front (aside from a few cheeky originals for Bob’s Burgers).

Today the band has teased the world with a mystic hype video, shared across their social networks. The band certainly has a lot going on at the moment, being chosen as the official curators and headliners of Pitchfork Festival Paris. A perfect opportunity to showcase some slices from a new album, if you ask me.

the national sleep well beast the system only dreams in total darkness

Feeling a few withdrawal symptoms from a lack of new music by The National? With the release of a mysterious new video, your fix may not be far off.

The National have previously spoken about their upcoming album, which will be their seventh, Matt Berninger telling Pitchfork “It’s about marriage, and it’s about marriages falling apart”. 

Little can be gleaned from the video aside from the two phrases “Sleep Well Beast” and “THE SYSTEM ONLY DREAMS IN TOTAL DARKNESS”. If you have any guesses as to what that means, chuck them our way.

Check out the video below:

Via Pitchfork.