The Happiest Kind Of Sad lays you down on ‘Smile at the Party’

The Happiest Kind Of Sad takes on a 17-part string section for one of his moodiest tracks to date, Smile at the Party.

What is The Happiest Kind Of Sad? Is it the clarity of a morning after, following some boozed-up confessions? Is it the last day with a friend before they move out? Is it the distant memory of a kiss from the one that got away?

Sydney acoustic artist, Mitchell Lemsing, has made the exploration of this sentiment his moniker, and his mission statement. With little more than a brooding timbre and trusty Cole Clark, the artist softly spins tracks of vivid detail and folk magic. His latest offering, Smile At The Party is already striking a chord across NSW.

The Happiest Kind of Sad

With his signature knack for colourful chords and warm production (all done from his bedroom), the DIY approach ensures THKOS’s story rings out crystal-clear, vision intact.

“My head in my hands, my stomach intertwines”, he confesses, painting a vivid image of an opportunity passed by, and the solemn reflection that follows.


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It’s “quite a personal song to me and I think surfaced a lot of emotions which I’m often scared to talk about”.

While the song is obviously personal to Lemsing, he manages to keep the feelings universal enough so that Smile at the Party can be relatable to his audience as well. The balance between universal and personal is a constant tug-of-war for songwriters, so it’s pleasing to hear the artists’ attention to detail pay off.

Speaking of attention to detail, a 17-part string section enters the track, giving it a crescendoed euphoria – a beautiful arrangement from Noah Oshiro. With a debut album on the way, THKOS is one to keep an ear on the ground for.

Watch the music video for Smile at the Party below: